Top 10 Free Advertising Ideas

Now, you may think we’ve gone crazy, ‘a digital marketing company giving us free advertising ideas??’ but hear us out.


Below are ten very powerful concepts in the marketing world that may help BEGIN the process of getting your company some marketing traction. Nothing feature complete comes for free these days but if you know where to look you can find the beginnings of a strategy, the basics, all around you and completely gratis. So, sit back and absorb our top 10 free advertising ideas.



Long gone are the days of the yellow pages and phone directory, well almost, now we have all our directories on the web, make sure you’re listed everywhere, the more times you’re listed the more you’re going to appear in searches and the more people will find you



Look for blogs, articles and forums you can post on that are related to your business and make your presence known. You don’t have to push your agenda either,  just be relevant and salient in the conversation, quality is better than quantity, and if what you’re saying is engaging enough people will hunt you out.



While the internet may be the new king of advertising that doesn’t mean all of the classics are locked in the dungeon. Networking is bandied around a lot, because it works! Making #relatable content is just the same as meeting people in person, but online and in-spontaneous. Go to events, talk to your competitors and the customers you’re vying for, actually be a speaker if offered! Getting your voice out amongst people is always a good idea provided you can keep sensible, which brings us to . . .

free advertising ideas events


It’s pretty obvious, but social media is a powerhouse in the modern world of free advertising. Speaking directly to or even indirectly to your audience base is essential and laying out your services, products and ethos on social media is a great way for those connections to start being made.


Fact: a picture is worth 1000 words. So, how much is a picture with words on it worth to your business?! Infographics, blogs and descriptive images are all good ways to publicise yourself in, on and around your existing platforms. Make them bold, beautiful and interesting, and you’ll be enticing people left, right and centre.



There are loads of ways to make a website, and for a small functional descriptive one-page the amount of free tools is gargantuan. Make sure you have somewhere, real or virtual, to send people you meet, mail or call that can show them who you are and what you can do for them.

free advertising ideas web development


So you have your site but no visitors, time to start changing that. SEO is a huge part of getting natural discovery of your business. It’s free and you can learn a lot from everything written about it in a 2 minute google search. Use a free analytics tool and take what you learn and apply it to almost everything digital you create, get that keyword list under-wraps.



‘You never know till you ask’ is a great mumsy expression, but it applies as much now you’re in the business world as when you had to get your ball back from the neighbour.  If you have done something for a client or customer and they seem genuinely pleased, you should ask for their help to do a little something for you. Having testimonials, external links, likes on Facebook, and referrals at your disposal from a satisfied customer is worth its weight in gold.

free advertising ideas agree referral


It’s likely with your own company you, and all your employees are sending a good amount of emails to everyone they come into contact with. Make the most of them, use your email signature to send a message and hold links to your website and social media. That way anyone who gets an email you’ve sent, or even a forward, has the prospect of becoming engaged with what you do.



This one is not for the beginner. Business partnerships are something to be entered into very seriously, with the utmost consideration and legal precision. Having said that they are in themselves essentially free. It could be a referral deal, a charitable partnership or a full cross services integration. Whichever form it takes it means extra value for you and the customer often with the only ‘downside’ being the fair sharing of profits or some commission-based scenario but hopefully with some great benefits for both companies.


And there we have it, 10 free advertising ideas to go and try. They probably won’t net you Jeff Bezos’ money or Mark Zuckerberg’s fame, (though it does depend how revolutionary your product is, they all started out this way!) but it’s a good first step on the road to marketing success.

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