About Rye St. Antony

Rye St. Antony are an Oxford based independent day and boarding school for girls aged three to 18 and boys aged from three to 11. They take pride in providing pupils with a first class education in a spectacular but peaceful setting. All with the philosophy that every pupil is an individual whose particular strengths and talents are encouraged and allowed to flourish within a supportive environment. Highly held academic standards as well as important life skills are developed that prepare pupils for a successful and happy life.

The campaign

Replicating their offline artwork, SeeLocal created a set of display ads promoting Rye St Antony and their transport services that were fully responsive across all devices and networks. The sophisticated platform and targeting technology displayed the ads to relevant audiences within the target locations and to those who had previously visited the site.

Campaign goals

Rye St. Antony ran an effective campaign with Seelocal focused, on making possible future boarders aware of the transportation available for them from London to the school. Below are the main goals they wanted to achieve with their campaigns:


To grow minibus service awareness


Generate new boarding pupils


Retarget website visitors with the transportation offer 

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Rye St. Anotony’s campaign, while the prospect of recruiting any new pupils was not the main aim of the campaign, inferring from the data generated by ads in the given area it is likely many of the boarders recruited at that time in the specified area were shown the advertising. The fees generated by these new pupils would likely represent £70,000 per term of fresh income.


Ads shown


Ads clicked


Relevant boarding
school sign-ups


Potential income

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