About Rugby Borough Council

Rugby Borough is a local government district in eastern Warwickshire, England. The borough comprises the town of Rugby where the council has it’s headquarters, and the rural areas surrounding the town. The borough has a population of just over 100,000. Of these, over 70,000 live in the town of Rugby. The council of the borough is responsible for everything from housing and refuse collection to parking and recreation facilities.

The campaign

The borough wanted an ad campaign to help drive form completions related to recycling rates and opinions in the area. SeeLocal orchestrated a video-centred campaign to help promote and inform people of the council’s policies and intentions surrounding the recycling programme. It was widely circulated, most notably and effectively via social media.

Campaign goals

Here are the main goals that Rugby Borough Council wanted to achieve with their SeeLocal campaign:


Increase knowledge of borough recycling schemes


Create usable recycling data from form submissions


Generate website visits and awareness

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Rugby Borough Council’s campaign. With a click-through rate of 2%, becoming a CTR of 6.53% of 62,000 ads shown on facebook, was beyond expectations and well above industry standards. With this turning into an even better rate of conversions, 2.16%, something hard to achieve with form filling campaigns, really emphasising the ability of social media coupled with good visual communication to create fantastic engagement, a great result!


Ads shown


Ads clicked




Conversion rate

“Wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for running the Rugby Borough Council Recycling animation campaign. The council had never used targeted digital advertising before but I am sure that with results and engagement like this, they’ll be sure to re run further campaigns in the future.”

– Rugby Borough Council

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