About McDonald’s

McDonald’s are a fast food giant with restaurants in over 36,900 locations worldwide. The first UK restaurant opened in London in 1974 and there are now over 1,270 restaurants in the UK alone.


The campaign

Replicating the offline vouchers, SeeLocal created a set of display ads promoting the meal deals that were fully responsive across all devices and  networks. The sophisticated platform and targeting technology displayed the ads to relevant target audiences within local areas to the restaurants and to those who had previously visited the site.

Qualified local customers clicked on the ads and were taken through to a conversion optimised McDonald’s landing page created by SeeLocal; this captured customer details and gave access to the offer voucher that customers could then go in-store and show to receive the deal.

Campaign goals

Several McDonald’s in the Banbury area ran multiple campaigns with SeeLocal, below are the main goals they wanted to achieve with their campaigns:


Generate local awareness


Promote Voucher Offers


Advertise reopening and events

Campaign results

Here are the key results from one of the McDonald’s latest campaigns, These results reflect a group wide campaign that ran across multiple branches, the high conversion rate of over 44%, is well above the industry standard and represents not only how highly sought the product is but also how well the ads were targeted. The final fiscal figures while small in terms of the multi-billion pound parent company, do, for the franchise holders, represent a brilliant return on investment.


Ads shown


Ads clicked


Voucher downloads


Conversion rate

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