Reporting dashboard

Reports that are worth looking at

We get that it’s fundamental to track the performance of your online ad campaign from start to finish and see exactly where your money is going. SeeLocal’s reporting dashboard gives you full visibility of your campaigns at any time you need it so gone are the days you have to spend money without seeing a return!

Full visibility

The dashboard includes the top-lines stats for a quick overview as well as some eye-opening audience insights to help you scope out your next campaign. Your campaigns stats are broken down into easy to understand bites that tell you exactly where your banner ads are showing, how many clicks each ads is getting and more!

Local Awareness Score (LAS)

One of the latest -and superb- features of the dashboard is Local Awareness Score. LAS helps you to calculate the amount of awareness you have in any location by measuring your online and offline exposure and sets your expectation so you know what to expect from your campaign.

Based on your score, LAS recommend which type of campaign you should run to deliver the results that you want. Here’s an example, If your score is under 55, LAS will suggest a brand awareness campaign to get more local exposure before running any lead generation campaigns.

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