About Kilby Fox

Based in Northampton, Kilby Fox is a chartered accountant and business consultancy firm with a reputation for offering top quality service and for always putting their client first. Having over 100 years experience, makes them one of Northampton’s longest established accountancy firms but their modern approach to processes and systems leave them at the forefront of their field, being abale to offer as they do services to business big and small, clients with 1 employee into the 10,000’s.

The campaign

In the campaign SeeLocal created a set of display ads highlighting Kilby Fox’s key services and the sophisticated platform and targeting technology displayed the ads to relevant target audiences and retargeted to those who had previously visited their website to create a brand rapport with the prospective clientele.

Campaign goals

Kilby Fox ran multiple campaigns with SeeLocal, below are the main goals they wanted to achieve with their campaigns:


Promote their business accounting services


Generate local brand awareness


Broaden awareness of their personal accounting services

Campaign results

Here are the key results from one of Kilby Fox’s campaigns. In a vastly competitive and financially demanding arena to have successfully targeted and retargeted potential customers as to have produced over 190 clicks through to the desired landing page, with only 102,000 ads shown, and then gone on to produce converted customers is a great sign. The SeeLocal campaign generated good interest in the services on offer which may lead to hundreds of thousands of pounds spend with the firm in future.


Ads shown


Ads clicked




Conversion rate

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