About Ipswich School

Ipswich School, suitably located in Ipswich, Suffolk are a co-educational day and boarding school. They offer their pupils a supportive environment that encourages them to enjoy learning, grow in self-confidence and acquire a wide range of worthwhile interests. Believing that school should be a happy place where pupils receive a broad education that fires their imagination and develops their personality.

The campaign

Having supplied eye-catching ad designs, SeeLocal uploaded display ads promoting the school and it’s open day in June across all suitable devices and networks. The in-house platform and targeting technologies displayed the ads to relevant households within the target location and retargeted those who had previously visited the schools website to increase engagement. Alongside great search optimisation practices this lead to a fantastic result.

Campaign goals

Ipswich School ran a short but impactful campaign with Seelocal. Below are the main goals they wanted to achieve with their campaign in May 2019:


Generate new boarders and day pupils


Raise local awareness of the school


Increase number of open day attendees 

“The best open day we’ve ever had”

– Ipswich School

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Ipswich School’s campaign, the prospect of recruiting new pupils is quite a tough task, with yearly boarding rates between £25,000 and £32,000. However with comprehensive and decisive retargeting strategy Seelocal managed to find those interested but hesitant parents and a great set of ads convinced them to continue their interest, giving a click-through rate 10 times the industry average and eventually a ROI of over 205% not bad for a month long campaign.


Ads shown


Ads clicked


New Boarders and day pupils


Circa income

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