About Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories first began as a book series by author Terry Deary. The series started in 1993, describing history and world culture with a ‘horrible’ emphasis. They produced more than 100 titles, to-date have sold 20 million+ copies, to 31 countries, and spawned a multimedia franchise encompassing magazine, tv, film and touring stage performances. Magnet Leisure Centre, part of the Leisurecentre.com group, played host to one of these shows.

The campaign

SeeLocal created a set of display ads that replicated the artwork, featuring famed illustrator Marin Brown, provided by Horrible Histories to promote the event. The sophisticated platform and targeting technology displayed the ads to relevant target audiences within the target locations and to those who had previously visited the leisure centre website.

Campaign goals

Magnet Leisure Centre ran a campaign around their Horrible Histories stage productions from the Birmingham Stage Company via SeeLocal, below are its main campaign goals:


Promote their run of performances


Create brand awareness with a new young historians


Increase local knowledge of the leisure centre theatre

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Magnet Leisure Centre’s campaign. A high conversion rate, coupled with the near 10% of these who went on to book directly as a result of the ad lead to a successful campaign, the Leisure centre’s events manager stating “SeeLocal was an easy, reliable service. Weekly detailed updates were given and one-to-one phone service if necessary. Our event was a success so we will be using them again.


Ads shown


Ads clicked




Additional attendees

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