About Dogs For Good

Dogs For Good is a charity that trains assistance dogs to help adults and children lead more independent lives, at home and in the community around them; continually provides advice and support to people who want a pet dog that can help them overcome specific challenges within their lives; trains and supports community dogs and their handlers to work in activity and therapy in communities and schools.

The campaign

For each campaign, SeeLocal create a set of display or video ads and the sophisticated platform and targeting technology displays the ads to relevant audiences within the target locations and to those who had previously visited their website. Over several years with the company Dogs for Good used this to effectively increase awareness of their work in the local area and further afield with the intent of increasing support.

Campaign goals

Here are the main goals that Dogs for Good wanted to achieve with their SeeLocal campaign:


Help Foster Local Brand Awareness


Promote fundraisers and events 


Increase donations and puppy adoptions

Campaign results

Here are the key results from one of Dogs for Good’s latest campaigns. Being a charitable organisation not looking for investment and more concerned with just spreading their message in the local community the real challenge of the campaign was to create blanket coverage of the responsive local audiences to start a chain reaction of support. Something 4 million impressions in a local population of only 48,000 does very effectively. The high click through rate may have been due to the cute puppies but we like to think also the brilliant targeting!


Ads shown


Ads clicked


Click-through rate


Initial new supporters

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