About Compare Funeral Options

In association with specialist funeral plan consultancy company Secure Funeral Solutions, Compare Funeral Options are an independent pre-paid funeral plan broker that offer market comparison and impartial advice to their customers to help them purchase the most appropriate funeral plan for them at the best rate available.
Compare Funeral Options offer an award winning service that is backed up with hundreds of positive customer reviews.

The campaign

Compare Funeral Options has successfully used the SeeLocal platform to achieve their online marketing goals and to increase their customer base and awareness of their services. Part of this success is due to CampaignGuard™s understanding and continued discovery of the unique needs of the target audience, allowing SeeLocal to create highly targeted and tailored campaigns.

Campaign goals

Here are the main goals that Compare Funeral Options wanted to achieve with their SeeLocal campaign:


Raise Brand Awareness


Generate Leads


Reach a Broader Spectrum of Clientele

Campaign results

Here are the key results from one of Compare Funeral Option’s latest campaigns. With an average order value of £3,000, the SeeLocal campaign generated around £246,000 worth of new customers.
A considerable return on investment from the £2,999 campaign spend.


Ads shown


Ads clicked






Average Order


Total Sales Value

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