How to use Content Marketing

Within digital marketing, content marketing is arguably the most effective way of getting to understand what your customers want from your business, so you can ensure you are providing them with exactly that…through your content.

With highly targeted marketing, such as local online advertising in particular, getting your content right is essential so you know your customers wants and needs, inside out.

We’ve put together a few tips on how to ensure you’re making the most out of your content marketing.

Content strategy

A lack of strategy is often the biggest reasons for content marketing to fail. The first thing to do is to define exactly what your goals are, and check that your content is in line with these goals. Next, review all your existing channels- are they consistent? It’s also a good idea to take an audit of everything you’ve been posting so far, seeing it all in one place can help you to develop new ideas, as well as identify flaws and gaps in everything you’ve been posting so far.


Sometimes, businesses struggle to produce constant, engaging content that will be of direct interest to their customers.. Streamlining this process, making sure there are specific steps to be taken along the way is a great way of making sure your content is being produced quickly, efficiently and is of high quality. In order to streamline the process effectively, there are certain aspects that need to be refined.

  1. Define team roles- know exactly who is responsible for each piece of content and know your deadlines.
  2. Plan an editorial calendar- map out what you will be posting and when, so you can plan ahead and see what is potentially missing.
  3. Repurpose content- there’s nothing wrong with taking things you’ve already posted and using them again on different platforms!

Build a reputation

Publishing high quality content regularly will eventually build a reputation for your brand of being entertaining, useful and knowledgeable about your industry. The way to make sure you’re doing this, is to know your customer on a personal level- buy building up a customer persona. Paired with using keyword research, you can map out various customer personas to different stages of the customer life cycle, so you can then work out what content they are likely to want and why.

Analyse progress

Keeping a close eye on the process, documenting everything you do and everything that happens will ensure that any mistakes made are not made again. Mistakes are inevitable, some things will work out and some things won’t, but if you’ve documented everything correctly, you will be able to identify why this happened and how you can fix it.

Specific key metrics can be a very useful tool here, that give an insight into aspects such as onsite behaviours navigation and exit paths of everyone on your website. This allows you to see real-life behaviours, and analysed them to see things that perhaps you or anyone else on your team would probably not have thought about.

Businesses Are Changing The Way They Work Online.

With the change in the use of digital and print when it comes to the everyday running of a business, many larger companies are also deciding to take a more digital approach, particularly when it comes to online advertising. Digital marketing campaigns are easier to track and analyse in terms of success, cost less to run and can reach highly targeted customers based on research and data.

Like many businesses, The Post Office is one of the latest big companies to change the way they run the business to take on a more digitally focused strategy. This change has forced the Post Office to halve the size of their team, and the campaigns they run and focus more on the wider organisation, rather than having different campaigns for area specific units.

The company’s strategy when it comes to marketing has changed from working separately to other departments, to being highly focused on everything that is going on throughout the business, being product lead, tactical and looking for the instant ROI. They have begun to use a marketing agency who really get involved in the business and act as part of the team. However, combining all aspects of digital marketing can be difficult to manage, particularly if staff are not confident in their digital abilities or perhaps don’t have a lot of experience in new areas of marketing.

SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform, designed to incorporate all aspects of online marketing into one simple and easy to use platform. The secret to successful online marketing is to combine many platforms such as SEO, social media, email campaigns and display ads to create highly targeted, successful campaigns. The platform works for businesses of any size that want to target audiences in their local area using highly sophisticated targeting technology. If you are interested in running a campaign with us, contact us and we will be happy to help.