If you’re not retargeting this Christmas, you need to read this

It’s here… the busiest time of the year for retail sales offline and online. That means it’s also one the most important times to run retargeting ads. You’ll want to trust us on this one, we promise. Here’s why..

Big sales events Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone but online shoppers aren’t going anywhere. In fact, 30% of all annual retail sales typically occur between now and Christmas, with 60% of UK consumers doing at least half their Christmas shopping online.

You’ve already got them this far, you don’t want to lose out now!

SeeLocal retargeting is all about getting your customers back – on average, 98% of people won’t buy anything during their first visit to a website so retargeting is pretty essential to ensure you’re not missing out on any customers.

The good news is, we can help! SeeLocal retargeting works by showing your ads on relevant websites and social media platforms when a user visits your site or opens your email without making a purchase.

 There’s a tonne of people online

The right Christmas marketing should mean additional shoppers online equals additional website visitors. With all these increased visits, you want to ensure that you’re capitalising on all the opportunities and keep reminding any lost customers to come back to your website to make those all important purchases.

Looking to buy

Unlike other times of the year when you’re trying to give your customers an excuse to buy from you, Christmas is an easy sell. Or at least, it should be. Consumers are looking to spend and they’re looking for ideas – the perfect opportunity for you to remind them that your business is where they should start!


SeeLocal retargeting is included in every SeeLocal display campaign so go on, get started and treat yourself to success this Christmas!


Digital Transformation- What Does It Mean?

Digital transformation in the modern world is much more than developing a mobile site, app or social media strategy and producing an end product- it is all about the ongoing transformation of integrating digital aspects into the day-to-day life of the business.

For brands, this causes a range of new questions. When conducting a digital transformation project, who is solely responsible for it, and what does it involve?

The truth is, to have a successful digital aspect to your business, such as a website, social media accounts, or perhaps an app, there is no way of specifying where digital transformation begins and ends. When incorporating digital aspects into a business, the transformation is ongoing, and becomes another integral part of the business functions, rather than a project which suggests there is an end- with digital we can assure you there is no end…it’s here to stay.

When it comes to marketing online, it is not a case of a company or business simply marketing online, but about using the digital world we now live in, to market effectively and successfully.

It is easy for well established companies, who perhaps have not used digital means of selling or advertising before, to feel resistant to change.  Perhaps they don’t have staff who are confident in digital, or simply don’t understand the potential digital marketing can have for boosting a business’s sales. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common, particularly in smaller companies, who see digital transformation as a costly and time-consuming process, when it really doesn’t need to be.

We understand that to those who are not familiar with digital, it can be a daunting area to branch into. However, with statistics showing a huge growth year on year on companies using digital products as part of their marketing or sales it is highly important for companies to be monitoring the change and embracing it… because you can guarantee your competitors will be!

With digital marketing, businesses now have the opportunity to become highly customer focused, even more so than before. Specific demographics can be easily targeted through ad placements to reach customers who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. Companies can track the movements of the customers online, such as how they find their websites, what pages they looked at on the website and previous searches and interests, and target ads specifically to these customers if necessary through retargeting.

If you would like to discuss running a SeeLocal online marketing campaign, please contact us– we’ll be happy to help.

Why’s that ad following me around the internet?

Because the company (showing the ads) are using ‘retargeting’ technology to track your online behaviour, that’s why.

Essentially, online savvy businesses know you have previously visited their website and are trying to entice you back via ‘retargeting’ with relevant display ads.

In fact, did you know that (on average) 98% of people will NOT buy anything during their first visit to a website?

SeeLocal’s online retargeting ads can help bring back previous visitors – encouraging them to buy, provide contact details or stimulate another response during their next visit. Alternatively, it can also be used to promote additional products to recent online customers.

Retargeting Ad

What are SeeLocal’s retargeting ads?

They will enable businesses to advertise to people who’ve visited their website on previous occasions – having made a purchase, interacted in another way or, most likely, left without taking any action. We can encourage them to return by creating engaging display ads and attractive unique landing page with tempting promotional messages. In turn, providing another opportunity to create a new customer relationship.

How does SeeLocal retargeting work?

When you create a retargeting campaign with SeeLocal, you don’t need to worry about adding tracking codes or remarketing tags to your website. We will create and drive traffic to a fully optimised and unique landing page – in turn, enabling us to track and report all actions.

Once visitors leave your website, an anonymous cookie will automatically track and follow them browsing the internet. Adverts such as banner ads can be placed on sites that they subsequently visit as a reminder to return to the desired site in order to stimulate some form of interaction.

For which businesses will SeeLocal retargeting work?

Quite simply; it will work for businesses of all shapes & sizes -independent, local, national, large, small, medium, B2C or B2B; all can utilise the full power of the internet by activating a retargeting campaign as a reminder to previous website visitors.

The best performing retargeting creative is likely to include a strong promotional offer or response mechanism (i.e. call-to-action) – eg: subscribe, buy, request more info etc. We will also design and create the ads for all SeeLocal campaigns.

Retargeting marketing campaign is valuable on various levels: often by helping to convert visitors into interested or actual customers, but also by shifting first-time purchasers into regular customers or brand advocates.

Inevitably, retargeting display ads are a very good customer conversion tool … less so for driving significant traffic.

Don’t forget – previous visitors to your website have already shown interest in your business. They are by definition lower hanging fruit than other potential customers. Retargeting them is a MUST.

Over to you!

If you would like more information on how retargeting display ads can help you, contact SeeLocal Today