What Are Native Ads?

The way native advertisements differ from traditional advertisements, is in how they are positioned. Over 70% of people prefer reading about a product rather than seeing an ad. Native ads are a form of online advertising, positioned in a way that makes them appear part of content or editorial, which according to research means viewers are 25% more likely to view native ads as opposed to banner ads, and look at them 53% more frequently.

There are many types of native ads that appear in various situations. Native advertisements can be extremely effective forms of paid media advertising in all areas of marketing campaigns, particularly local online advertising.


Examples of Native Advertising

Online advertorials

Blogs on company websites may seem as though they fit in with the overall website content…however most blogs featured on websites are often sponsored or branded content. Sponsored content is paid for by the advertiser, but written and posted by the publisher, whereas branded content is written and paid for by the advertiser and still posted by the publisher. This content serves as brand awareness, by not stating a call to action, but includes links back to the advertiser’s website, and can often be surrounded by ads from the advertiser company in the attempt of getting readers to click on them.

Product Placement

One form of native advertising that most people are aware of is product placement. This is when a brand or distinctive product is featured in imagery online, in print, television ads and even film and television productions. This type of native advert works best for large established businesses, as a strong brand logo or image is required for it to be successful and noticeable by viewers and potential customers. Therefore, small businesses wanting to build their name will not generally choose to use product placement alone unless combined with a large amount of building brand awareness.

In-Stream ads

Most commonly used by social media sites for retargeting, in-stream ads feature whilst scrolling through a page, based on previous views or searches. Ads appear as part of a news feed on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, often showing who of your friends or followers already like the brand and will most likely feature some incentive and a link to their website. Statistics show that 85% of consumers are often unaware they are viewing an advertisement when browsing social media. At SeeLocal, we design ads that will stand out amongst news feeds, and are targeted towards relevant audiences for maximum impact.

Boosted posts

Social posts can be boosted to appear on relevant users’ news feeds, on all social media platforms. Similarly to in-stream ads, they are made to blend in with content and often don’t include imagery. Users are often unaware they are viewing advertisements which generally increases views and engagements for these types of ads.

By keeping ads in similar format to website content, users are less aware that what they are viewing are in fact adverts, as they blend in with the format of the site, being viewed 53% more frequently than banner ads. The use of native ads are increasing, and expected to bring in around 74% of advertising revenue within the next five years.

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