Benefits of Live Reporting

Live reporting allows advertisers to see data results as and when they happen, usually in the form of a dashboard. The benefits of this are endless, allowing advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of who customers are, and how they react to, for example, an ad campaign, and to quickly make any changes necessary to maximise impact of the campaign.

This limits the amount of wasted time and budget, as changes and alterations can be made almost instantaneously, so users can easily measure just how well a campaign is doing.  At SeeLocal, our online dashboard not only offers real-time reporting of your campaign, it also allows you to see exactly where each of your display ads are being shown, as well as how well they are performing in terms of analytics such as click-through-rate and cost-per-click.

Another element of live action marketing is real-time bidding. Realistically, you would think the most relevant ads would be shown to you when you load a webpage, when actually, the amount these advertisers are willing to pay for a click is also taken into account. Advertisers bid against each other to appear onto website pages, with the most relevant and highest paying ad being displayed when the website loads. This all takes place in a matter of seconds, and can be changed in no time by advertisers simply increasing their cost per click to become the highest bidder for each particular webpage.

With online marketing, there is always something going on, and opportunities for changes and alterations to be made in a matter of seconds. At SeeLocal, our network captures real-time results, monitoring and changing cost-per-clicks according to the campaign budget and real-time bidding prices.

The benefits of real-time bidding, has enabled advertisers to target ads to specific users of particular sites, ensuring that the position of every ad they show is not only relevant, but grabbing the attention of audiences with a genuine interest in the product or service.

For more information about how our live reporting dashboard, and real-time bidding service could benefit your business, get in touch by giving us a call on 01295 817611, or through our website contact page.