Hello Leamington!

As of Friday 27th August 2018, we moved into our very own office space in Leamington Spa, a very exciting time.

Although weeks of preparation had taken place, getting the new offices decorated and branded signs put in, as well as internet and phone connections being sorted out, the big move began on Friday morning. Every member of the team packed the contents of their desks, as well as monitors, laptops keyboards into one box, packed them into their cars and headed over to Leamington in convoy.

Only a couple of members of the team had seen the new offices before the move, so getting everyone together to see it for the first time was great. We had the tour, and were all extremely impressed at the space we now have.


The new offices are in our very own building, spread over two floors with 5 meeting rooms, all named after iconic board games. The space is bright and open, and features SeeLocal branding throughout.

The new offices are a true reflection of the success we have had in the past year, and just how far we have come. This move marks the start of a very successful future for SeeLocal.