Meet our Partners: 8-digital

Last week we told you all the great ways that you can benefit from our partner programme, whether you are a customer looking for an easy way to achieve all your marketing goals, or a business wanting to offer additional services to your customers. It’s a win-win for everyone involved

Well, this week, we’re going to start introducing the wonderful partners that we’ve already begun working with, so i’m excited to introduce 8-digital – one of our first partners!

Who are 8-digital?

8-digital was founded in 2008 and has evolved significantly during the past 11 years. This year they were acquired by Gorilla, one of the leading channel marketing companies and became the EMEA arm of the corporation.

8-digital specialise in helping vendors measure, grow, enable, and manage their partners, delivering, performance driven, channel marketing solutions at scale. One part of their offering is full service digital marketing including pay per click, display advertising and retargeting campaigns.

How does being a SeeLocal partner help 8-digital?

8-digital run a large scale operation with clients all over the globe so they never have a quiet day. Here are the main benefits that 8-digital utilise by being a SeeLocal partner:

1. Exclusive ad inventory

SeeLocal has access to 94% of all online audiences, including exclusive local ad networks that are unavailable anywhere else. This allows 8-digital to offer their customer’s access to publishers that their competitors can’t!

2. CampaignGuardTM AI technology  

By utilising SeeLocal’s unique technology, 8-digital’s account managers are able to easily maximise their client’s campaign performance and ensure budget isn’t being wasted.

3. Easy campaign management

The SeeLocal platform makes it quick and easy to manage, edit and check results for hundreds of accounts, across multiple networks at once – saving 8-digital’s account managers time and frustration!

4. Advanced reporting dashboards

The SeeLocal platform offers advanced reporting dashboard with real-time results and 8-digital’s account managers can schedule automatic reports to send to their client’s, or generate custom reports at any time.

“Not only does SeeLocal help us to manage our staff resources more efficiently, it has also helped us to grow our client base through customer referrals that are looking for a full-service digital solution.”

Mev Dzihic, Managing Director of 8-digital

If you’d like to find out more about working with one of our partners, or becoming one, please get in touch today.

How can you benefit from the SeeLocal Partner programme?

Collaboration has changed our world. When two (or more) great forces come together, it’s no wonder that something great is born – take Larry Page & Sergey Brin for example; when the duo teamed up to experiment with search algorithms, they founded the company that we all know today as Google. Another great collaboration of the same historical influence – Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, responsible for making the world a better place with their delicious ice creams.

With this in mind, we thought – you know what? How about we collaborate with companies offering complimentary services that our customers need, to offer them everything they want in one, nice, easy package. And with that, our partner programme was born.

That sounds great, but what exactly is the partner programme?
The SeeLocal partner programme enables us to work with digital marketing agencies, videographers, radio stations, local newspapers, online community publishers and other companies that offer services help our customers achieve their local marketing goals.

Not only is this hugely beneficial to our customers but it’s a great way for businesses that qualify as partner’s to expand their customer base and offer their clients additional services.

Okay, what are the benefits?
So glad you asked! There’s tonnes of benefits for everyone involved but to make it simple, we’ll break it out:

For our customers – SeeLocal campaigns are awesome, obviously, but we know that 360 degree marketing makes any form of advertising campaign even more successful. By partnering with businesses that offer services that support SeeLocal campaigns, our customers can access everything they need to achieve their marketing goals in one place, without having to reach out to multiple agencies. And because we only partner with businesses that we trust, you can be rest-assured that you’re not working with any cowboys.

For our partners – SeeLocal gives our partners the opportunity to host a market leading self-serve ad platform on their website, with the ability to white-label. Not only can our partners add value to their business by offering their customers additional services without any hassle, SeeLocal also helps to generate extra business by lead referrals and up-sell recommendations. Win win!

Sounds great! How does it work?
The SeeLocal partner programme is designed to benefit our customers, our partners and us! We often find that customers approach us with local marketing needs that require additional services such as needing a website or video content created. Whilst we offer ad design and landing page creation, we’d rather recommend our customers work with a trusted partner for their other needs. This way, we can focus on what we’re experts at, our customers can get everything they need easily and we’ll help out our partners by referring leads!

Our partners will have access to host the SeeLocal platform on their own website and to help explain the partnership and all the benefits to their customers, we’ll also run email and display advertising campaigns for each partner and provide them with digital brochures.

For our partners that want to keep things under-wraps (don’t worry, we won’t be offended), we offer a white-label solution that includes all of the benefits of being a SeeLocal partner but is completely branded to them.

We’re already collaborating with some great companies, which you can check out here and we can’t wait to partner with more! If you’d like to find out more about working with one of our partners, or becoming one, please get in touch today.



Facebook adds a click to WhatsApp tool, could this affect your marketing strategy?

Facebook is changing the world of digital marketing and has bought out a tool that allows advertisers to use ads that users can now click on to open a chat on WhatsApp. This tool will help advertisers to expand targeting and therefore increase the chances of people sending a message.

So how does it work…?

With this update advertisers can create news feed ads with a call-to-action button that users can select to open a WhatsApp chat with the business. This call-to-action button appears at the bottom right of the ad. To be able to use this function advertisers must have both a WhatsApp business account which must also be connected to Facebook ads manager.

The benefits…

The benefits of this click to WhatsApp tool makes it easier for users to communicate with businesses in a more personal manner without the hassle of a phone call. Companies with WhatsApp business have access to multimedia messaging including, free calls, free international messaging, and group chats. It also offers customisation and quick replies to the customer. This new tool benefits the business by making them more discover-able and accessible to their audience.

Whats in it for marketers…

With Facebook’s click to WhatsApp ads, marketers can initiate conversations with potential consumers through an encrypted platform. In addition to being able to message consumers, this new ad campaign will also show traffic, conversions and post engagement.
Facebook have also announced that they have plans to roll out WhatsApp ads in the app’s status feature this year, however they have not yet announced a specific time frame for when this might come into action.

Why Customer Retention Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

Customer retention is the process of engaging existing customers to continue to buy products or a service from your business. Better customer retention means longer lasting relationships. Below we have stated why customer retention should be important to you?

1. Drives referrals

Customer retention helps to build up loyalty with your customers so that they are likely to refer you to their friends in the future. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective means of advertising that you can use, however it is something that only comes from loyal happy customers. Customers are usually happy to tell people about your business if they have received excellent.

2. Retained customers will provide valuable feedback.

Receiving feedback from your customers is very important. Statistics show that customers are more likely to become loyal to a company if they are a company that implements the feedback that they receive. Customers who make frequent purchases from your business are more likely to know the areas of your business that needs improvement and how you could make service for them better, which in turn creates a better services for new customers and therefore lead to increased retention rates and sales for you.

3. Repeat purchases from repeat customers equals repeat profit.

Statistics have shown that existing customers are more likely to spend more money with you than new customers, this is because they value and trust your business and believe that you offer a superior service compared to your competitors. In addition, your long-term customers are far less price-conscious than new customers this is mainly due to the fact that they are loyal to your brand so willing to pay the price for your service.

Businesses are constantly under pressure to meet customer expectations while providing exceptional customer experience. If you need help with customer retention then fear no more, SeeLocal is the perfect solution. We can help drive additional revenue to your business to help you reach out to new and existing customers through targeted audience technology and help drive business qualified leads. SeeLocal is a local online marketing platform that has access to all available online networks from one place, allowing businesses to easily run campaigns across multiple platforms.

Advertising for Black Friday

Black Friday, traditionally is the busiest retail time of the year for American business marking the beginning of their holiday season after thanksgiving This time of year is fast becoming a British phenomenon too, along with Cyber Monday that comes just a couple of days later.

Last year the British public spent a whopping £1.4bn with British retailers online only across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Year on year the amount increases massively, so this year is set to be the biggest yet!

With this in mind, businesses who have not previously got involved, should really carefully consider it, as the opportunities it provides  In order to get the most out of the event, why not get started early and increase brand awareness in the run up to 23rd November.

With just a month to go,  increasing brand awareness ensures that when it comes to searching for the best deals, customers remember your brand over your competitors, so are more likely to recognise your brand when you have offers on, and might even organically search for you to see what deals you have to offer.

In order to achieve this awareness though, starting advertising campaigns in plenty of time is key. Highly targeted, online advertising campaigns are a great way of first, building brand awareness before the event, then increasing website traffic during black Friday weekend.

Every year we see companies beginning their black Friday marketing far too late, meaning they see little or no return on investment. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming more and more popular here in the UK- it’s time businesses understand and get involved by being prepared early.

What is Seasonal Business?

No matter the business, there will always be particular seasons that are busier than others. For some businesses, particular times of the year are vital for the business to continue trading for the following year, therefore marketing in the right way to maximise profit at this time is really important and can make or break a company.

Seasonal business refers to the various fluctuations in business, that correspond to the different seasons within the year.

For example, we are soon to be entering the Christmas season, which for most businesses, particularly in retail, is the busiest and most important time of the year and can have a major impact on the success of the company for the upcoming year.

Marketing for a seasonal business can be tricky- when’s the best time to start?

Well, the trick is, never stop. Marketing needs to be an ongoing process for any business, but the extent and reach of your activities is the aspect that changes with the seasons.

For example, a business that sells lawnmowers would concentrate on spring/summer time, running bigger marketing campaigns, trying to generate as many sales as possible to compensate for the fewer sales they are likely to receive in Autumn and Winter. Their marketing strategy shouldn’t simply disappear in Autumn and Winter, as when Spring comes around again they want to be at the forefront of their customers minds. Low level marketing campaigns during the less busy months ensure that when the time comes for the surge in sales, customers are aware of the company, the brand and the product and are then more likely to choose them over their competitor who may have stopped their marketing altogether during the Winter months.

In order to be consistently marketing to the right people, online advertising is the way to go for seasonal business in particular. Marketing online with SeeLocal, ensures that only those who have shown genuine interest in your product or service, or in your competitors, are shown your ads. This can work in brand awareness during the quieter months, ensuring the brand name is continuously shown to the target audience despite the fact that they are less likely to convert at that time, then shown more during the busy months in order to generate leads, enquiries and, the ultimate aim, sales.

SeeLocal is the perfect solution for this, as using highly targeted audience technology, your target audience will be seeing your ads continuously making them more and more likely to convert, or at least to know your brand in time for when they want to convert, protecting budgets every step of the way.






Save the British High Street!

With news breaking at the end of last week about the closure of Gaucho restaurants, putting around 1500 jobs at risk, we are really starting to see how the British High street is rapidly decreasing. With not just independent stores, but big brand chains now feeling the pinch, will we soon be waving goodbye to the high street as we know it?

In the last 10 years, more than 11,000 high street names have gone out of business, not to mention countless small individual businesses. In 2018 alone we have seen many big brands including restaurant and retail chains struggling to maintain large numbers of shops, such as Byron, Carluccio’s, Cote, Prezzo as well as Carpet Right, Marks and Spencer, Mothercare and New Look. For these companies, closing down a store is a big step, so the pinch must be extremely tight to be closing down tens, sometimes hundreds of stores nationwide.

The British High Street, for centuries, has been a buzzing place for socialising, browsing and purchasing necessities. Before the ability to shop online, the high street was the only place available to buy goods- shops of all varieties tended to the buyers every need. You had your candlemaker, your green grocer, your butcher, fishmonger, tailor, jeweller…you name it, the high street had it, each with their own individual purpose to the public.

It’s not all bad news though- as humans, we crave social interaction and forming relationships with other humans. Although there has bene a significant rise in online shopping, for the shear convenience of it, the high street will always have its place in the hearts of British communities…but how can we do this?

One way of raising awareness of the high street, is to bring back the community feeling. Back in the days of High street success, there was no other place to be, the high street was the social hub of the town or city, the place to go if you wanted to be in the know. Councils, along with shop owners and managers, to come up with ideas to get the community involved, and supporting the high street once again. Street parties, carnivals and markets can all be great starting points in building up the community spirit. Putting the heart back into the high streets is key to ensuring a future  for socialising, culture, creativity, health and wellbeing.

Here at SeeLocal, we are here to help business of any size market directly to their local audiences through our local online advertising. With the rise in reliance on internet and mobile devices, online is exactly where businesses should be targeting to get people knowing about their brand, and generating local leads by wanting to get out and about to visit in person.

What makes a good Banner Ad?

Banner ads are one of the most common forms of online marketing- they’re affordable, measurable and effective in building brand awareness and generating leads.

We’ve put together a few tips on what it takes to make a really successful banner ad…


  1. Use effective standard banner ad sizes.

At SeeLocal, we recommend using ads in the following sizes only:

  • 336 x 280 pixels
  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • 728 x 90 pixels
  • 300 x 600 pixels
  • 1200 x 628 pixels
  • 320 x 120 pixels

This is because ads in these sizes will be visible across all online networks, and will work on any device such as mobile, tablet or desktop. If ads are in  any other sizes, they risk appearing distorted, hidden or not shown on sites at all.


  1. Place your ads in correct places

Online advertising is all about where you put your ads. It’s no use having beautifully designed ads, if they are being shown in the wrong places, to the wrong audience, there really is no point. The SeeLocal network specifically chooses sites relevant to each campaign, and ensures ads are only shown to audiences with a genuine interest.


It’s also important that banner ads are placed above the fold of a site, i.e. in the first section, not requiring the user to scroll down to view. This is because, the majority of website users will not scroll further down, so the likelihood of your ad being seen is significantly less than if they were placed at the top of the page.


  1. Logo, Value and CTA

The three key things that NEED  to be on your ad, are your logo, clear indication of what you’re advertising ( including images) and a clear, creative call to action.


Your logo should clearly show your logo, and be designed with your branding in mind so it is recognisable to your customers. We recommend using images of your product, or using images of people, as these tend to get higher engagement. You also need to include your proposition, such as a special offer or trial in a clear position on the ad.


Finally, your call to action needs to be short, punchy and inviting. CTA’s are usually positioned inside a button, so that they become a focal point of the ad. We recommend avoiding phrases like ‘click here’- it’s overused, obvious and generally unexciting. Try to some up with something different, to draw customers in.


  1. Use clear fonts

It is advised that you avoid script fonts, i.e. any fonts that could be difficult to read at first glance. You want to keep your font as simple as possible, making it easy for users to read straight away. We also recommend keeping text down to a minimum of 3-4 lines, and having your headline and body text in different sizes for maximum impact.

For more information on banner ads, or if you’re interested in running a campaign with us, get in touch!

Key Changes in GDPR.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, is put in place to ensure data privacy and is the most important change in data privacy in the past 20 years. The change is due to be enforced on 25th May 2018 at which time all regulations must be adhered to. For this reason, it is important that you are well prepared. Below we have highlighted some of the key changes that are likely to affect businesses of all sectors.

The GDPR applies to anyone who considers themselves a ‘controller’ or ‘processor’. A ‘controller’ is someone responsible for determining the purposes and means of processing personal data. A ‘processor’ is responsible for processing this data on behalf of the controller.

Processors are responsible, under new GDPR law to provide and maintain records of personal data and processing activities within your company. In the case of a breach, you will be held legally responsible so it is very important that this change is implemented as soon as possible, and kept up to date consistently.

The GDPR applies to any sort of ‘personal data’, relating to an identifiable person who can hence be directly or indirectly identified. It applies to both automated and manual filing systems where any personal data is available.

Even data that has been key-coded can fall within the boundaries of GDPR depending on how difficult the coding is to attribute to an individual.

The GDPR refers to special data as “special categories of personal data”, which include genetic and biometric data, which are processed to uniquely identify an individual.

The main, and most important change, is the Increased Territorial Scope. Regardless of the companies location, any data of EU citizens being processed will have to adhere to the GDPR. The GDPR makes it very clear that it will apply to “processing personal data of data subjects in the EU by a controller or processor that is not established in the EU, where the activities relate to offering goods or services to EU citizens, and the monitoring of behaviour taking place within the EU.” Any non-EU business processing the data of EU citizens will have to henceforth employ an EU representative for their company, to ensure that regulations are being met.

The new GDPR could also see companies being fined up to 4% of their global turnover, which can be imposed in the case of serious infringement. The approach is tiered, for example a fine of 2% for not having their records in order or not notifying the authorities and data subject in the case of a breach.

The terms for consent have also been improvised and strengthened. Companies will no longer be able to use long terms and conditions including legal jargon, requests for consent will have to be easy to understand and interpret, as well as being easily accessible to the subject. The purpose for the data collection will also have to be disclosed, and must be as easy to withdraw from it as it is to give.

Rights for the subjects will also change under the GDPR. Subjects will now need to be informed of any breach in privacy that is likely to cause “risk for the rights and freedom of individuals”. This information must be given within 72 hours of first becoming aware of a breach. Data processors will be responsible for notifying  their customers, the controllers, as soon as possible.

Data erasure, or the right to be forgotten gives subjects the right to have their data erased due to withdrawal of consent, or the data becoming irrelevant to the original purposes of the data process, and have the right to receive and access their personal data.

Controllers are required to only hold and process data that is absolutely necessary to the task, and limiting access to those processing the data.

Finally, another big change in GDPR is the appointment of Data protection Officers, for companies whose core activities are processing operations requiring regular monitoring of data on a large scale, or special categories of data relating to crime. Data protection Officers will now be assigned to each corporation, rather than responsible for a specific area.

The Data protection Officer must be an expert in data protection, and responsible for overseeing all tasks of data protection, and advising where necessary. They will also act as the first point of contact  for authorities and individuals whose data is being processed.

These are just some of the changes outlined in the GDPR. Don’t forget to analyse where your company fits in with these regulations, and to have made any necessary changes by 25th May 2018. For further information, and for full details of exactly what these changes mean for your business, you can view the key changes on

How to Increase Your Online Sales This Christmas.

You may think you’ve left it too late to up your online marketing game this Christmas, but you still have time to ensure that this Christmas is a success for your business.

We’ve put together a checklist of ways you can ensure your online sales increase this season, with just a few things that SeeLocal can help with, that can make a huge difference.

  1. Mobile User-Friendly: People are increasingly using mobile devices to do their Christmas shopping, with so much to do and places to be, Christmas shopping has taken a much more mobile approach. It is essential that your website is mobile friendly, and can be easily accessed and navigated just as easily as if on a desktop.
  2. Paid Online Media- Christmas is the ideal time to be sponsoring your posts and promoting your website, with the increase in demand, and of people using the internet to buy and find inspiration for gifts. Retargeting really comes in handy at this time, as ads can be shown to people who have shown an interest in your products or service in the past, but have not converted into a sale yet. This can be hugely effective in convincing these people to then buy the product, by reminding them of it as they browse.
  3. Preparation- You will need to have a plan as to what special offers you will have during the Christmas season, how will you encourage sales and traffic to your website? Approximately half of all the money at Christmas is allegedly spend on gifts alone, so if you are in the gift retail market, you really need to be utilising this. The other half is apparently spent on decorations, food, drink and travel, so still a huge amount of money. It doesn’t matter what kind of online shop or service you have, with more people online than at any other time in the year, Christmas is a great time to build your brand awareness through a campaign, competition or advertisements- but make it Christmassy! You can send out customised Christmas emails to your clients, with exclusive offers to help get your brand noticed, and generate new sales.
  4. Christmas Theme- Decorate your website with a Christmas theme, to get your customers in the right mindset for spending. It doesn’t have to be drastic but elements of red, white, green and gold can ensure your website feels festive and will help in giving your customers the feeling of wanting to spend. Emulate this theme onto your social media channels also, which will hopefully encourage website traffic from your various channels, and increase engagement.

For further information on how we can help you run a Christmas marketing campaign, contact us– we’re happy to help.

Why SeeLocal Solves the Problems That Small Businesses Face In Marketing

With the importance of online presence growing, ensuring that your brand is seen online has never been so critical for gaining brand awareness and new customers. We understand this importance more than anyone, which is why we have designed a platform, that can either be self-serve or fully managed by us, on which companies can create affordable yet effective online ads in just a few minutes. This platform can be used by companies of any size, and with any budget in mind- we really are that flexible!

Many businesses struggle with local online advertising, as they do not have the expertise to run successful online ads in their local area- which is why they tend to focus on larger scale audiences. By having to balance their budget between ad development and distribution separately, businesses were often left with very little money left to pay ad networks to show their ads, and hence very few leads and little to no return of investment.

Our platform solves this issue, by offering features such as ad creations and optimised lead pages, combined with algorithms to prevent the advertiser from spending money without seeing significant results- what is the result of this you ask- successful, local lead generating and brand awareness campaigns.

SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform, you are being offered a cost-effective solution aiming to take away the confusion around online advertising and helps its customers to reach their target market. We use a vast array of local online advertising opportunities, such as Facebook, Instagram, the Google Display Network and local community websites, along with our team of experts and sophisticated targeting technology. Bespoke display ads are created and displayed across a series of online networks to defined audiences within specific targeted locations and postcodes.

Throughout the campaign, clients can track and monitor the results of their campaign at any time on their own live reporting dashboard, view where their ads are being shown, the number of clicks these ads have generated, and the number of sales and enquiries that have come from the online campaign.

SeeLocal really is a concept that any business, no matter the size, industry or budget can use to improve the way their services are advertised online. The future of advertising is online, see the results for yourself by starting your free trial.

What is digital marketing?

Marketing in a general sense, has and always will be about connecting with your target audience, finding them in the right place at the right time. However, the way marketing works now compared to a decade ago, means that the more traditional means of getting a product or service out there are no longer as effective as they used to be.

With people now spending twice as much of their time online as opposed to ten years ago, the way people shop and spend their money has significantly changed. Offline marketing simply doesn’t appeal to as many people anymore, not like it has done in previous years and has lost its effect on consumers. Potential customers are now being targeted online more than ever, because it’s where most people spend a large amount of their time, and is easily accessible and much more sophisticated in terms of targeting specific audiences. Digital marketing has never been more target specific, and the sophistication of the technology within the industry is only getting stronger, so the future for digital marketing is bright.

The term digital marketing, refers to the tools used in order to reach more specific target audiences through data analysis. Digital channels such as google search, social media channels, email and company websites can all be utilised to reach specific markets.

Digital marketing tends to be on a larger scale, helping businesses to broaden their brand awareness as much as they can through social posts, email advertisements  and search engine optimisation to gain as many impressions, or views, from potential new customers as possible. SeeLocal works slightly differently, in that it focuses on smaller markets in the business’ local area. With the importance of online presence growing more and more, getting your brand seen online by relevant, local audiences is crucial to success and SeeLocal understand this more than anyone.

If you are interested in transforming the way your business is seen online, contact us today- we’ll be happy to help.