We've got your back

CampaignGuardTM is our genius (and totally unique) AI technology that maximises your digital campaign’s performance and ensures your budget isn’t being wasted on campaigns that aren’t delivering optimal results!

How does it work?

By tracking key performance indicators such as ad clicks, sales and enquiries, CampaignGuardTM detects when your online advertising campaign is underperforming so that your campaign can be paused and optimised for maximum ROI. Clever hey!

Tell me more!

Okay, okay! CampaignGuardTM is a learning technology (we weren’t kidding when we said it was genius) so the more time CampaignGuardTM has to understand your target audience, the better it gets at it’s job – if you run multiple SeeLocal ad campaigns, CampaignGuardTM will learn your customer’s online behaviour inside out and be able to identify exactly what you need to do to run a killer campaign!

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