What is SeeLocal’s self-serve campaign creation platform?

Many small businesses often struggle with online marketing due to the complexity, choice and the skills required to use it effectively – or even at all. Chances are, especially if you own (or run the marketing for) a small to medium-sized business, you’re likely to have found it challenging working out how to make effective use of digital marketing and advertising. There’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Small businesses don’t care about Google Analytics traffic charts, or discussing the pros and cons of Responsive Web Design. We, in the technology business, created this whole online marketing nightmare for them and they just want someone to fix it for them.”

Randy Parker, CEO of PagePart (hyperlocal digital marketing agency).

That said, a growing number of businesses in local areas also recognise it has the potential to deliver unrivalled opportunities to attract, engage and build their own customer base. The stark facts, in today’s digital and data centric world, are indisputable. To survive and thrive, small businesses will need to get much better at using digital marketing and advertising to create competitive advantage.

And this is where SeeLocal’s self-serve campaign creation platform can have a vital role in helping you to easily and successfully run and manage online display campaigns.

So, what exactly is SeeLocal’s self-serve digital advertising platform?

Essentially, it’s an online platform designed to help businesses, agencies or individuals manage digital advertising campaigns more efficiently.

Our innovative technology solution is specifically designed to make it extremely simple and affordable to develop and run effective digital ad campaigns for businesses looking to engage with local audiences.

All you need to do is register your business on our platform, login and define your audience, location and campaign objectives for your digital ad campaign.

We offer a number of ways to help you create bespoke banner ad messages and dedicated landing or web pages. We will then distribute the campaign across our exclusive digital ad network – via relevant social media, web and mobile sites.

Our advanced retargeting and optimisation techniques will ensure your ads are displayed to your chosen target audiences in specific postcodes, at relevant times of day. Via the platform login, you’ll have access to your own tailored dashboard to review campaign data and reports, creative assets, example ads in situ etc., PLUS we’ll send you automated emails keeping you updated on your campaign performance.

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