Native Ads: How to make your ads look like the publisher.


What is Native Advertising?

Native adverts are ads that look like whatever platform they’re being advertised on. There are many different ways to show off adverts, and you have to make sure that your advert doesn’t look out of place when it’s being shown. For example, a native ad published on Facebook would look like a regular Facebook advert on the news feed, while a native ad on Twitter looks like a regular tweet. When doing local internet advertising, native ads have to seamlessly meld into their environment and not appear jarring or disruptive.

Since native ads are placed on third-party sites, they also have to be contextually relevant and be related to the website they’re on. This makes users more likely to interact with them than some regular banner ad that might have nothing at all to do with the website. According to an article by, consumers are 25% more likely to look at native ads over banner ads, and they are looked at with far more frequency.

How do I make Native Ads?

Creating native ads can be challenging as it requires editing your adverts to individually suit whatever platform they’re on. This is a process that SeeLocal can help you with as we manage and edit all our adverts to suit whatever platform they’re on. You need to be professional with native ads, as some customers can feel distrustful and wary with them. Ensuring your ad fits in seamlessly is key to the success of a native advert. Many platforms allow you to craft native ads quite easily through their own system, while others will require you to make edits yourself through researching the platform’s own adverts and designing yours to match them.

How does SeeLocal help me?

SeeLocal manages and creates adverts designed to fit perfectly with the website that they’re shown on. Our advert designers create adverts at the appropriate sizes with a mind on their design, ensuring they suit the ad network they run on. Our campaign managers set the ads up through social media and ad platforms to fit the style and design that is required. We also ensure that the adverts are targeted towards specific keywords and placements that are related to the advert itself, meaning that visitors to the site will only see SeeLocal adverts that appeal to them.

Our Remarketing adverts are also designed with native advertising in mind. They will show in appropriate locations on the site and will never be seen as out of place. We run locally based adverts on lots of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and they all are designed to fit in. In terms on content, design, size, relevancy and location, SeeLocal will ensure that your adverts are suiting their publisher and are gathering you the highest return on your investment.

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