Hyperlocal Marketing

The term ‘hyperlocal’ in regards to marketing, seems as though it’s a newly thought out term to describe marketing in the modern day. However, what it really means is local advertising, which of course has been around since the beginning of time when advertising and marketing relied on word of mouth alone.

When a business advertises itself as hyperlocal, it simply means they are targeting local people- there is nothing more to it than that. The confusion, though, comes from traditional means of marketing such as leaflets, flyers, television ads, which tend to target less specific, wider audiences without focusing directly on highly targeted potential customers. For this reason, targeting specific groups seems brand new, and therefore to some people, seems like something unnecessary as businesses haven’t needed it before. The truth though, is that targeting specific markets relevant to your product or service is crucial to a successful campaign- how do you expect to generate more customers if you’re not targeting the right people?

This is where SeeLocal can help. SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform . We specialise in targeting specific audiences in business’ local areas, creating and distributing bespoke ads across a series of large online networks to defined audiences within target locations and postcodes. A common mistake people make when advertising, is if the way you deliver your content doesn’t need to change depending on whether you are targeting a wider or localised community. We understand the difference, and have expertise in approaching and gaining interest from local customers as a result of our campaigns changing the way businesses advertise online.

To be a successful hyperlocal business, it is important that not only are you targeting the right people effectively, but that you have a good landing page for when your ads generate traffic to your website.  SeeLocal have expertise in creating successful landing pages for a wide variety of clients. Your landing page needs to be neatly laid out, easy to navigate and show your business and products off properly.

Another aspect of hyperlocal marketing to think about- even if you are a small business, you will not be focusing on hyperlocal marketing forever. Ultimately, the aim is to grow as a business, and to generate brand awareness from a wide variety of customers from different places, right? Keep this in mind as you go along, as the problem many businesses then have when they have been successful in the hyperlocal marketing is that they don’t know how to move forward from it. Don’t be shocked when your business starts to grow- that is, after all, the whole point of marketing.


If you are interested in a hyperlocal marketing campaign with us, Contact Us– we’ll be happy to help

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