About Arcola Theatre

With two theatre spaces in London, Arcola Theatre presents major artists and work from some of the most exciting emerging companies. In 2015 Arcola was nominated for 9 Off West End awards – more than any other London theatre, a true world-beater.

The campaign

During the campaign SeeLocal directed traffic to the relevant programme pages on Arcola’s website which allowed users to find out more about the performances and book tickets.

CampaignGuard™ is always active on their campaigns, optimising the click-through and conversion rates to increase the overall return.

Campaign goals

Here are the main goals that Arcola theatre wanted to achieve with their SeeLocal campaign:


Promote upcoming performances


Generate ticket sales


Create awareness of the theatre

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Arcola Theatre’s campaign. With a conversion rate of over 25%, something which is well above the industry standard, we can see that the overall outcomes of the campaign were met and exceeded. SeeLocal’s campaign generated good engagement from the targeted demographics, and gave a bump to ticket sales, which, generally running an average cost of around £18 could represent over £2,000 worth of ticket sales, not to mention a plethora of new, brand aware, leads. No doubt this means many more people getting to enjoy their fantastic performances!


Ads shown


Ads clicked




Conversion rate

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