About Alfresco Events

The Alfresco Festival is a music festival with a difference created by Alfresco Events. A four day weekend full of escapism with many new attractions added, glamping opportunities, incredible food and drink and arguably the finest festival crowd you will ever meet. Totally unique in its programming making sure the whole family is looked after equally whilst never compromising on the music.

The campaign

SeeLocal created a set of display ads featuring the main details and headline acts to promote the event. The sophisticated platform and targeting technology displayed the ads to relevant target audiences within a 50 mile radius of the event and to those who had previously visited the site.

Campaign goals

Here are the main goals that Alfresco Events wanted to achieve with their SeeLocal campaign:


Promote upcoming festival


Generate ticket sales


Create brand awareness of Alfresco Events

Campaign results

Here are the key results from Alfresco Events’s campaign. Only advertising ticket sales in the last weeks before the festival A conversion rate of over 15% is well above the industry standard for any point in the lifecycle of ticket sales. The SeeLocal campaign is likely to have generated even higher number of ticket sales indirectly but even the direct impact likely gained the event over £6,000.


Ads shown


Ads clicked


Ticket sales generated


Conversion rate


Average ticket value


Average total sales value

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