Account Based Marketing the Benefits

Marketing has been continuously diverging especially in recent times from being something some organisations did to anyone who would listen, into discreet niches and subtypes that encompass every possible permutation and are viewed as essential for almost every company. While there are plenty of firms who only deal with B2C marketing there is a growing demand for targeted B2B solutions, especially Account based marketing.

Account based marketing targets the key decision makers within an organisation based on their known needs and previous purchasing/research history. But why are so many companies embracing the new account based marketing ethos? What could advertising effectively to other businesses do for you? Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities ABM can give you over other marketing solutions.


  1. Specific Targeting

A personal approach such as ABM, creates a synergy between you and your clients processes. It’ can be very obvious when a marketing solution is disseminated with generic appeal to a multitude of different targets. Possibly the biggest advantage of account-based marketing is it engages with the clients’ needs and concerns. This shows your commitment to their organisation and increases the chances they will purchase your services.

  1. Heightened Acquisitions

Using an account-based marketing strategy increases the chances of gaining the client that you are targeting. By appealing to this client on a personal level, you are more likely to convince them that you can offer them what their organization needs. It also gives you the opportunity to cater your services to the gaps that both you and your client may see in their organisation.

  1. Promoting Your Strengths

Creating space between you and competitors in the market is another useful benefit of ABM. You can show who you are and how what you achieve is different from your rivals, your unique selling point. Utilising Account based marketing is a powerful way to directly show how your individual services perform for the industry and how the USP will be crucial in creating great outcomes for the client.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Generating a buzz with what you offer via an account-based marketing strategy is crucial, discussions will resonate about your product far beyond your own sphere. Every relationship produced over your content is another potential avenue for discussion of your brand and how each company can benefit from using your services. By launching an account-based plan that incorporates several influential persons within one business, you can further improve your knowledge of their needs and operations while also generating more opportunities for you to be discussed around the water cooler.

  1. The Best ROI’s

Its proven that account-based marketing offers you a significantly greater return on the investment for your company. While inbound marketing can be highly effective when executed correctly, it has the disadvantage of being far less efficient than a highly targeted strategy. Having your market researched, segmented and effectively hyper-targeted ABM allows a focused decision on a single target for a marketing impact, precise and at multiple touchpoints, this saves you money in real terms and provides a strong relationship between you and the client, even before their knowledge of you, Creating a better opportunity for a long lasting working symbiosis with that organisation.

In the end account based marketing is all about value, it’s the most cost effective and proven B2B marketing strategy currently available; and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

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