About us

A bit about us

SeeLocal is an innovative digital advertising platform with a focus on transforming the way businesses advertise locally. Our mission is to help businesses launch effective and measurable online advertising campaigns that reach relevant audiences in specified local areas through one easy to use interface.

Where it all began..

The year was 2014 and whilst Kim Kardashian was trying to break the internet, a digital marketing agency in Banbury was trying to make it a better place. Well, a better place for businesses to advertise locally anyway!

The agency was 8 digital, owned by digital marketing experts and entrepreneur’s John Hones and Nicola Wiseman. Having worked with a huge number of businesses, big and small, they realised that there was no easy way for businesses to advertise to their local customers online and they wanted to do something about it: cue project SeeLocal. They enlisted the help of employees Alex Bury and Laura Tilley and together they took the idea from concept to reality.

4 years later, thousands of campaigns, a tonne of innovation and here we are! Our fantastic team continues to grow, including some additions to the Director’s gang: Les Robinson, CFO and Toby Widdowson, CTO. We’re super proud of the whole SeeLocal family and it’s thanks to each employee that our product continues to grow and evolve so look out for what we’ve got to come!

The faces behind the names

Here's a bit of waffle about each of the Directors to make us sound fancy

John Hones, Founder & CEO

John’s been in digital marketing and web engineering for over 15 years and has worked for some of the world’s biggest media agencies and ad tech companies like DoubleClick  by Google and Publicis. He’s also founder of an award-wining, digital agency.

Alex Bury, Co-Founder & COO

Before his days at SeeLocal, Alex was head of biddable media at 8-digital, winner of the best performing Google UK agencies 2015 and 2016. Alex knows exactly how to build and manage online ad campaigns that ramp up growth and deliver outstanding results in highly competitive industries.

Les Robinson, CFO

Les is a Financial Director with over 30 years experience in helping businesses grow. Winner of the 2015 finance awards for business growth services, Les started his first business at 19 and has personally built two £mill plus business from start-up to sale.

Laura Tilley, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Laura’s flair and creativity has brought the SeeLocal vision to life. Laura has designed and developed the brand strategy to communicateSeeLocal’s core values and establish the company as a trusted and recognisable brand in a crowded online space.

Nicola Wiseman, Co-Founder & Account Director

Nic’s a highly accomplished sales and buying professional with a demonstrable track record in the fields of account management and negotiation. Alongside running her own digital marketing agency, Nic is the owner of an e-commerce business and has worked in senior account management positions for IBM and Oracle.


We're incredibly proud to have been a finalist in these awards: