We’re supporting Small Business Saturday!

If you’re not already familiar with Small Business Saturday, let us introduce you!

Small Business Saturday is fantastic, non-commercial campaign that celebrates UK small business success and encourages consumers all over the country to shop locally and to support all the small businesses doing wonderful things within their communities.

The event takes place annually on the first Saturday in December and is growing each year! Last year an estimated £748 million was spent on the day and is predicted to grow for 2018 as backing from local authorities is up to 87% from last year’s 80%.

We work closely with small businesses every day and we know how much they impact local communities so we’re keen to get involved and show our support! This year, we’re offering all small businesses a FREE campaign when 3 campaigns are purchased. To find out more about this superb offer, get in touch with our team!

You can find out more about the great work happening over the UK here: smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com

If you’re not retargeting this Christmas, you need to read this

It’s here… the busiest time of the year for retail sales offline and online. That means it’s also one the most important times to run retargeting ads. You’ll want to trust us on this one, we promise. Here’s why..

Big sales events Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone but online shoppers aren’t going anywhere. In fact, 30% of all annual retail sales typically occur between now and Christmas, with 60% of UK consumers doing at least half their Christmas shopping online.

You’ve already got them this far, you don’t want to lose out now!

SeeLocal retargeting is all about getting your customers back – on average, 98% of people won’t buy anything during their first visit to a website so retargeting is pretty essential to ensure you’re not missing out on any customers.

The good news is, we can help! SeeLocal retargeting works by showing your ads on relevant websites and social media platforms when a user visits your site or opens your email without making a purchase.

 There’s a tonne of people online

The right Christmas marketing should mean additional shoppers online equals additional website visitors. With all these increased visits, you want to ensure that you’re capitalising on all the opportunities and keep reminding any lost customers to come back to your website to make those all important purchases.

Looking to buy

Unlike other times of the year when you’re trying to give your customers an excuse to buy from you, Christmas is an easy sell. Or at least, it should be. Consumers are looking to spend and they’re looking for ideas – the perfect opportunity for you to remind them that your business is where they should start!


SeeLocal retargeting is included in every SeeLocal display campaign so go on, get started and treat yourself to success this Christmas!


Top tips for gym managers in January.

All over the world, with every new year comes fresh starts; the perfect opportunity for a new years resolution.

The most common new years resolution, we’ve probably all made it a few times, is eat better, exercise more and generally take on a healthier lifestyle. The most common way to start this new lifestyle? Head down to your local gym.

As a manager of a gym, what’s the best way of ensuring your local customers are picking your gym over your many competitors?

To ensure you are getting as many memberships as possible this January, and keeping them interested, we’ve put together a couple of things  you should bear in mind in the run up to and during January.


Make sure your management process is running smoothly.
With the expected influx of customers you are likely to see in January, you need to actively ensure that all the customer account management processes are running smoothly, correctly and accurately and can deal with a sudden increase. Testing during December is a good idea, so that if you hit any bumps along the way, you can fix them in time without affecting your new customers on-boarding journey.

Run local online Advertising campaigns.
Local, Online advertising campaigns allow you to target specific audiences, to ensure you are reaching truly local audiences who are most interested and more likely to convert and buy a membership to your gym. The SeeLocal platform has access to 94%  of all online audiences,  through a range of networks such as local and national newspapers, community sites, council pages and local news blogs- all exclusive to the SeeLocal network. We’ve worked with many gyms up and down the country, including leisurecentre.com, which had an ROI of over 6000% click here to see for yourself!

Don’t wait ‘till the last minute!
People will often know they want to join the gym before January comes along, but if they don’t, it’s your job to convince them they should! If they are already thinking about it, they need to know well in advance that your gym is the best to go for, over all your competitors. By leaving plenty of time, you can run multiple campaigns targeted at different audiences appealing to what they want, or encouraging them to join your gym. Get in there before your competitors do.

January can be a tricky time, do you trust the industry and not run advertisements, or do you run advertisements despite the spike anyway? Here at SeeLocal, we’ve seen it year on year, and running advertisements for January sign ups really does pay off, so long as you’re organised , you’re guaranteed to see big increases in sign-ups from your targeted online marketing in January.


 To make sure you can handle the rush,  click here to sign up for your first campaign!!

Quote discount code  ‘Jan15’ at the checkout for 15% off your campaign!

Offer ends 5pm 31st January 2019




Why do Businesses need a website?

The importance of a good business website is crucial. In this day and age of increasing reliance on technology, businesses need to be not only marketing online, but present online in every possible way in order to be visible to their target audience.

For small businesses, this can be tricky, as being small often means limited funds, staff and expertise to develop and maintain a highly sophisticated website, so it tends to take a backseat.

It is important for businesses of any size, but particularly smaller companies to focus their attention on digital- it is the future, and is progressing and becoming more advanced every day.

We’ve come up with a few reasons why having a website is so important, and how you can ensure you are making the most of it.

Firstly, you need to focus on your local audience before you start thinking bigger- this goes for all sized businesses, but particularly SME’s and start-ups. How can you expect a nationwide following if you have not saturated the market in your local town or county? Online gives you the opportunity to build touchpoints,  and can be a successful way in building relationships with customers at a local level. At the end of the day, those customers who are loyal, engaged and regular are the most valuable, as they are the ones who come back again and again. Even if your business does not run primarily online, perhaps you have a shop or building, you want to have customers coming back to you again and again, making you their first point of call. Online gives your customers the flexibility to choose to visit you in person or online.

Next, find the channels that will impact your business the most. There are so many different options when it comes to online advertising, so choosing the channels that are worth the time and effort, whilst also painting the picture of your business in the right way is key.

For example, B2B companies may tend to focus on channels such as LinkedIn, more so than Instagram, whereas e-commerce companies may focus more on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc- it’s all dependent on where your customers are. Using your website as your starting point, and as your central online hub of activity provides a solid basis for all of your online marketing efforts.

Finally, make sure you are accessible at all times. Having a secure,  clear and functional website is the best way to do this, so that you can be confident that your customers can contact you at any time online, and in a way that suits them. To do this, we recommend having various different contact options- links to social media pages, phone number, email address  and contact forms in order to provide your user with their preferred contact method. From these contact methods, make sure you are answering queries and questions quickly and efficiently, giving simple, uncomplicated answers wherever possible.

If your customers, particularly those in your local area, are consistently thinking of your business as accessible…why would they have nay reason to go elsewhere? This is the basis of forming solid relationships with loyal customers who will keep coming  back again and again. And let’s face it, that’s all business owners really want at the end of the day