What is Seasonal Business?

No matter the business, there will always be particular seasons that are busier than others. For some businesses, particular times of the year are vital for the business to continue trading for the following year, therefore marketing in the right way to maximise profit at this time is really important and can make or break a company.

Seasonal business refers to the various fluctuations in business, that correspond to the different seasons within the year.

For example, we are soon to be entering the Christmas season, which for most businesses, particularly in retail, is the busiest and most important time of the year and can have a major impact on the success of the company for the upcoming year.

Marketing for a seasonal business can be tricky- when’s the best time to start?

Well, the trick is, never stop. Marketing needs to be an ongoing process for any business, but the extent and reach of your activities is the aspect that changes with the seasons.

For example, a business that sells lawnmowers would concentrate on spring/summer time, running bigger marketing campaigns, trying to generate as many sales as possible to compensate for the fewer sales they are likely to receive in Autumn and Winter. Their marketing strategy shouldn’t simply disappear in Autumn and Winter, as when Spring comes around again they want to be at the forefront of their customers minds. Low level marketing campaigns during the less busy months ensure that when the time comes for the surge in sales, customers are aware of the company, the brand and the product and are then more likely to choose them over their competitor who may have stopped their marketing altogether during the Winter months.

In order to be consistently marketing to the right people, online advertising is the way to go for seasonal business in particular. Marketing online with SeeLocal, ensures that only those who have shown genuine interest in your product or service, or in your competitors, are shown your ads. This can work in brand awareness during the quieter months, ensuring the brand name is continuously shown to the target audience despite the fact that they are less likely to convert at that time, then shown more during the busy months in order to generate leads, enquiries and, the ultimate aim, sales.

SeeLocal is the perfect solution for this, as using highly targeted audience technology, your target audience will be seeing your ads continuously making them more and more likely to convert, or at least to know your brand in time for when they want to convert, protecting budgets every step of the way.






What Facebook video streaming could mean for online advertising.

The new Facebook Watch feature was launched in the US in August last year, and just a couple of weeks ago was revealed that it will be launched in the UK and Europe in the coming months.

The new feature on the phenomenal social media giant  is just the latest  extension of the platform to directly compete with other video streaming platforms such as Amazon prime, Netflix and YouTube. Just like current platforms, the video streams will range from mini documentaries to live sporting events.

But how will Facebook Watch differ from other video streaming platforms?

  • Original video content exclusive to Facebook watch
  • Monetized by ad breaks, so users do not pay for subscriptions unlike current platforms.
  • Facebook watch will be hyper-personalised thanks to the detailed targeting available within the Facebook platform, in a way no streaming platform ever has been before.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users per month, who check on a daily basis, most often multiple times a day. The scale of the Facebook platform is huge, and any extensions on it is definitely something marketers should feel excited about.

Reports are suggesting the new Facebook Watch platform will be integrated into news feeds, as the platform has seen great success in the past using the news feed to drive success of new features.

This means more and more people will be paying attention to their news feeds, spending more time on the news feed which in turn will increase ad impressions. The increase of impressions, often leads to increased clicks.

The feature also opens doors to highly targeted video advertising. Combining the success and engagement levels of generic video ads, along with the detailed targeting available on the Facebook platform could be a new and exciting extension to online advertising campaigns.

Accompanying targeted video ads with highly targeted static or HTML5 ads is a great way of ensuring your ads are seen in every aspect of the Facebook platform in particular. Running campaigns across all marketing channels is undoubtedly the most effective as you are targeting audiences in all aspects of online, rather than just one social channel. However, extending your marketing within individual channels is also highly effective, particularly if Facebook is one of the main channels your target audience are likely to be.