What is HTML5?

The development of HTML5 ads is revolutionary in the world of online marketing. With internet browsers such as chrome, Firefox and Explorer all growing in speed year on year, consistently reaching record highs in terms of speed.

HTML5 ad development, has led to the use of high quality video graphics being featured within advertisements,  as well as elements such as photo galleries and in-ad games to improve engagement with the target audience.

The new technology allows for highly creative and sophisticated development such as banners with videos, complex animations and interactions with users through advertisements, without the need for plug ins, such as Flash. According to figures, HTML5 ads tend to have a 7% higher conversion rate  than standard static ads, and even better, they are accessible on all devices unlike as static ads. This essentially means your audience reach is increased  by using HTML% ads, alongside the diversity of devices that your ads can be shown on.

Integrating HTML5 ads onto your existing website is simple and easy to do,  using polite loading, which ensures your ads are loaded simultaneously to website content, both improving the user experience in general, and ensuring page loading times are not affected.

At SeeLocal, we specialise in creating bespoke advertisements using HTML5 as part of a local online advertising campaign with us. Your campaign could generate more conversions and engagement from your target audience through highly sophisticated targeting technology to areas of your choice. Previous HTML5 ads that we have created as part of campaigns showed an increase in click through rate of up to 1% compared to static ads, therefore driving more users to the associated websites simply through highly engaging HTML5 advertisements.

If you would like to know more about HTML5 ads, and how they could make a difference to your campaign, get in touch here, we’re happy to help.




Call to Action Marketing

You may not even realise it, but call to action marketing is all around you. The main purpose both digitally and in print advertising, is to get users to complete an action using enticing, intriguing advertisements, to guide the user through the desired process.
Each sign up you’ve done over the years, more than likely came from effective Call to Action Marketing. Users are guided towards the desired action, perhaps it’s a free trial or sign up form, using design on advertisements or websites that focus on the task in hand.

The entire goal, is to get users to complete the final action, in order for the company to gain members through a free trial, or to obtain contact details by filling out a contact form. The action needs to be short and simple, so that the user does not have time to change their mind about completing the desired action, they need to respond directly, straight away.
Since the shift from print marketing to digital marketing, CTA has become much less cluttered over the years, as people begin to grow in confidence with digital.

For example, CTA marketing is often seen within print magazines, requiring the reader to fill in a form by hand, and post in to an address in order to receive a free copy. These advertisements are often cluttered, and therefore don’t generally generate high response rates, as readers are not drawn to huge amounts of text on a page. Digital CTA marketing techniques are able to say much more, with much fewer text, often it is simple in the way the content is put together that makes the CTA clear to the user. Effective CTA marketing techniques tend to be simple in design, with a real focus on the button or link that is the key to the action. These need to be the centre of the ad or webpage, to be the main area that the user’s eye is draw to, in order to encourage as many people to sign up as possible. If the button or link isn’t clear, how can you expect as many people to complete the action if they are drawn to other areas on your ad or webpage?

At SeeLocal, we can design bespoke ads and website pages, to ensure your calls to action are clear, visible and intriguing to your customers. Contact us now for more information.

Nicola Wiseman

Highly accomplished sales & buying professional with a demonstrable track record in the fields of Account Management and Negotiation. Alongside running her own digital marketing agency, Nic is the owner of an ecommerce business & has worked in senior account management positions for IBM and Oracle.

Nicola Wiseman
Non-Exec Director

Laura Tilley

Laura’s flair and creativity has brought the SeeLocal vision to life. Laura has designed and developed the brand strategy to communicate SeeLocal’s core values and establish the company as a trusted and recognisable brand in a crowded online space.

Laura Tilley
Creative Director & Co-Founder

Alex Bury

Alex was the former head of biddable media at 8-digital, a winner of the best performing Google UK agencies 2015 and 2016. Alex knows exactly how to build and manage online ad campaigns that ramp up growth and deliver outstanding results in highly competitive industries.

Alex Bury
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Financial Director with over 30 years experience in helping businesses grow. Winner of the 2015 Finance awards for business growth services. Started his first business at 19 and has personally built two £million plus businesses from start-up to sale.

Les Robinson
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John Hones

Working in Digital Marketing and Web Engineering for over 15 years. John has worked for some of the worlds leading media agencies and ad tech companies such as DoubleClick by Google and Publicis. He is also founder of an award-winning, full service digital agency.

John Hones
CEO & Founder

How to Improve January Sales.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to review and revise your marketing strategies, and implement changes where necessary. The run up to Christmas is busy and often stressful, meaning one vital area of the Christmas season often gets missed out…January sales. With all the hype about Christmas sales, so many companies forget to advertise their January sales offers, or even acknowledge that they exist until January 1st. Local online advertising is the ideal way to target those customers who are most likely to produce sales, rather than wasting time targeting those who are less interested.

The new year is often seen as a quiet time for sales due to being directly after Christmas. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

  1. January is the perfect time to introduce a wide variety of new deals and offers, to your customers. Time these offers wisely, limit the amount of time to ensure a significant rise in traffic. Try giving gift card discounts for those who have received them as Christmas gifts, giving users the incentive to purchase rather than leaving them and forgetting to use them.


  1. Reward your loyal customers. What better time to be sharing rewards, discounts and special offers with customers that have shown loyalty to you throughout the past year. Try sending targeted emails with exclusive deals and offers to your most loyal customers, to build up a relationship and encourage further sales throughout January, by making them feel more valued.


  1. Use New Year’s resolutions to your advantage, especially products related to New Year’s resolutions. For example, fitness and health can be very successful during January due to people wanting to start the year with a healthy lifestyle, restaurants and food vendors can also benefit from this, offering special New Year’s healthy dishes to encourage those with this resolution to try new healthy options from their favourite restaurants and shops.


  1. The run up to Christmas often sees a spike in new customers. The secret to keeping these customers, is keeping them engaged even after the Christmas period with an active, engaging and interesting social media strategy. Be responsive by replying to any reviews or queries that your customers make, and ensure you have plenty of interesting offers and insights to keep your customers interested and stop them clicking that dreaded unfollow button…


  1. Another tactic for maintaining customers you have acquired over the festive season, is to give sneak peaks of new products or services you have lined up in the forthcoming months, using various social media channels. This will help keep your current customers interested and intrigued, but may also encourage more followers before you launch new products, increasing the amount of potential sales you could be generating.


January sales don’t have to be about shifting unwanted Christmas stock, they can massively benefit your business. By making the most of January sales, you can increase the amount of sales, customers and engagement your business receives, rather than a quiet month selling all your unwanted goods, you can set your business up for the rest of the year- a strong