What Are Native Ads?

The way native advertisements differ from traditional advertisements, is in how they are positioned. Over 70% of people prefer reading about a product rather than seeing an ad. Native ads are a form of online advertising, positioned in a way that makes them appear part of content or editorial, which according to research means viewers are 25% more likely to view native ads as opposed to banner ads, and look at them 53% more frequently.

There are many types of native ads that appear in various situations. Native advertisements can be extremely effective forms of paid media advertising in all areas of marketing campaigns, particularly local online advertising.


Examples of Native Advertising

Online advertorials

Blogs on company websites may seem as though they fit in with the overall website content…however most blogs featured on websites are often sponsored or branded content. Sponsored content is paid for by the advertiser, but written and posted by the publisher, whereas branded content is written and paid for by the advertiser and still posted by the publisher. This content serves as brand awareness, by not stating a call to action, but includes links back to the advertiser’s website, and can often be surrounded by ads from the advertiser company in the attempt of getting readers to click on them.

Product Placement

One form of native advertising that most people are aware of is product placement. This is when a brand or distinctive product is featured in imagery online, in print, television ads and even film and television productions. This type of native advert works best for large established businesses, as a strong brand logo or image is required for it to be successful and noticeable by viewers and potential customers. Therefore, small businesses wanting to build their name will not generally choose to use product placement alone unless combined with a large amount of building brand awareness.

In-Stream ads

Most commonly used by social media sites for retargeting, in-stream ads feature whilst scrolling through a page, based on previous views or searches. Ads appear as part of a news feed on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, often showing who of your friends or followers already like the brand and will most likely feature some incentive and a link to their website. Statistics show that 85% of consumers are often unaware they are viewing an advertisement when browsing social media. At SeeLocal, we design ads that will stand out amongst news feeds, and are targeted towards relevant audiences for maximum impact.

Boosted posts

Social posts can be boosted to appear on relevant users’ news feeds, on all social media platforms. Similarly to in-stream ads, they are made to blend in with content and often don’t include imagery. Users are often unaware they are viewing advertisements which generally increases views and engagements for these types of ads.

By keeping ads in similar format to website content, users are less aware that what they are viewing are in fact adverts, as they blend in with the format of the site, being viewed 53% more frequently than banner ads. The use of native ads are increasing, and expected to bring in around 74% of advertising revenue within the next five years.

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The Advantages of Using Social Media

Social Media, to some, can be a daunting task and seem pointless. Social Media is much more than a successful and engaging online advertising platform, it is a way of connecting your brand with your target audience in a personal way.

The problem is, social media is a fairly new concept- one which many people have not grown up with and had to learn in their later years. Therefore, it is often seen as an unknown area of marketing that is best left undiscovered- this couldn’t be more wrong!

One benefit of social media is keeping in touch with your customers and contacts in an easy to access platform. Customers can leave reviews on Facebook sites, contact you with questions on twitter and previous colleagues or contacts can link with your business on LinkedIn to keep up to date. Social media can work as an online address book so you never need to lose touch or be out of contact with anyone!

Social media can also be used to build relationships with people you don’t know, Twitter in particular is great for opening doors to new opportunities. People follow your page because they enjoy what you post and want to stay and listen to you. Twitter is a great and uncomplicated way to connect with companies you may want to work with, whether it be advertising purposes or writing a guest blog which can then lead on to email or skype conversations.

Building brand awareness and reputation can be done through social media, creating a brand identity through the language you use, the content you share and the accounts you follow. The way you engage with your customers on social media can also impact how your brand is viewed so be polite, helpful and friendly when communicating with customers…even if they are not particularly friendly to you! You can use social media to promote new products or special offers in a way that will appeal directly to your customers through a mutual platform.

When coming up with new content for your website or social media channels, social media itself can be very useful in giving inspiration for your own content. For example, look at what similar companies are posting, check for any special events going on that you could write about or use to generate a special offer.

The area of social media that can often be difficult to manage, is choosing what to post on each platform, and keeping up to date posting at least once a day. This is where SeeLocal, a local online advertising platform can help. SeeLocal is designed to make it easy for businesses to manage all aspects of digital marketing from one easy to use platform and manage your social media accounts, ensuring they are regularly posting relevant and interesting posts that your customers would want to read.

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Businesses Are Changing The Way They Work Online.

With the change in the use of digital and print when it comes to the everyday running of a business, many larger companies are also deciding to take a more digital approach, particularly when it comes to online advertising. Digital marketing campaigns are easier to track and analyse in terms of success, cost less to run and can reach highly targeted customers based on research and data.

Like many businesses, The Post Office is one of the latest big companies to change the way they run the business to take on a more digitally focused strategy. This change has forced the Post Office to halve the size of their team, and the campaigns they run and focus more on the wider organisation, rather than having different campaigns for area specific units.

The company’s strategy when it comes to marketing has changed from working separately to other departments, to being highly focused on everything that is going on throughout the business, being product lead, tactical and looking for the instant ROI. They have begun to use a marketing agency who really get involved in the business and act as part of the team. However, combining all aspects of digital marketing can be difficult to manage, particularly if staff are not confident in their digital abilities or perhaps don’t have a lot of experience in new areas of marketing.

SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform, designed to incorporate all aspects of online marketing into one simple and easy to use platform. The secret to successful online marketing is to combine many platforms such as SEO, social media, email campaigns and display ads to create highly targeted, successful campaigns. The platform works for businesses of any size that want to target audiences in their local area using highly sophisticated targeting technology. If you are interested in running a campaign with us, contact us and we will be happy to help.