Digital Marketing Vs Print Marketing- Which Is Better?

Many people find the concept of advertising online stressful, mostly because they think it’s frightening and complicated. The reality is, it’s easy to do and can generate many more leads from higher targeted audiences, such as local display advertising, which results in more successful campaigns- it’s not scary at all!

Traditional marketing techniques, although they still seem to be the preferred option for a lot of business owners, are unfortunately outdated and not as effective as they used to be years ago. There are some aspects that are only available in traditional marketing- for example marketing materials such as leaflets and flyers can be kept by your potential customers for repeat usage when they require your services. Despite this, most people looking for a specific service or product will now search online rather than using physical marketing material alone.  Physical marketing material still has its uses though, as it can work as a prompt for people to then search online for the service or product a company is advertising.

There are many benefits of moving your marketing campaign online.

  • Data and results of audience reach is easily recorded- Unlike with print materials, using google analytics and other insight tools, you can track the success of your campaign throughout and adapt it according to what does and doesn’t work. Here at SeeLocal, all our campaigns have a unique self-serve platform allowing you to track and view your campaign, taking away any confusion, where you can choose demographics, website placements, and allow us to do the hard work for you!
  • No waiting around for boosts- you can see instantly how your campaign is doing, by measuring the number of visitors to your site, subscribers, peak trading times and conversations instantaneously. Unlike other display advertising, SeeLocal campaigns are protected by ‘campaign guard’ meaning your campaign will pause if it starts to lose money, allowing for alterations to be made before starting the campaign again.
  • Low costs- despite the possibility of paying for ads, marketing online is still more cost effective than paying for printed leaflets and other ways of traditional marketing, mainly because it can be highly targeted. There is less loss of money from targeting people based on just a postcode and who don’t specifically fit the target audience criteria, as an ad will only be sent out to those who have shown interest in the product or service before, either by searching or visiting your website. Retargeting potential customers again significantly increases the likelihood of a conversion, which is how digital marketing methods generate such positive results.
  • Interaction with your audience- one aspect that cannot be replicated in any other marketing technique is the interaction a company can have with its customer. By being active on various social media profiles, you are creating a relationship between your business and your loyal customers- a place they can leave reviews, contact you, and view new products or special offers all through their social media account.


If you’re interested in improving your marketing campaign by moving online, contact us– we’ll be happy to help.

Why SeeLocal Solves the Problems That Small Businesses Face In Marketing

With the importance of online presence growing, ensuring that your brand is seen online has never been so critical for gaining brand awareness and new customers. We understand this importance more than anyone, which is why we have designed a platform, that can either be self-serve or fully managed by us, on which companies can create affordable yet effective online ads in just a few minutes. This platform can be used by companies of any size, and with any budget in mind- we really are that flexible!

Many businesses struggle with local online advertising, as they do not have the expertise to run successful online ads in their local area- which is why they tend to focus on larger scale audiences. By having to balance their budget between ad development and distribution separately, businesses were often left with very little money left to pay ad networks to show their ads, and hence very few leads and little to no return of investment.

Our platform solves this issue, by offering features such as ad creations and optimised lead pages, combined with algorithms to prevent the advertiser from spending money without seeing significant results- what is the result of this you ask- successful, local lead generating and brand awareness campaigns.

SeeLocal is a local online advertising platform, you are being offered a cost-effective solution aiming to take away the confusion around online advertising and helps its customers to reach their target market. We use a vast array of local online advertising opportunities, such as Facebook, Instagram, the Google Display Network and local community websites, along with our team of experts and sophisticated targeting technology. Bespoke display ads are created and displayed across a series of online networks to defined audiences within specific targeted locations and postcodes.

Throughout the campaign, clients can track and monitor the results of their campaign at any time on their own live reporting dashboard, view where their ads are being shown, the number of clicks these ads have generated, and the number of sales and enquiries that have come from the online campaign.

SeeLocal really is a concept that any business, no matter the size, industry or budget can use to improve the way their services are advertised online. The future of advertising is online, see the results for yourself by starting your free trial.

A Brief History of Digital Marketing

In a modern society, where over 170million people use various social media sites regularly, why is it that when it comes to how this way of life came to be, working professionals are unfamiliar with the core parts and features of digital marketing, and how it became the phenomenon it is today.

Luckily for you, we’ve done our research…

The first use of the term ‘digital marketing’ was in the 1990’s, stemming from the coming of the internet and the development of Web 1.0 platform which allowed users to find the information they wanted via the internet- however, information was not able to be shared at this point, leaving digital marketers unsure of just how successful their strategies would be as the internet was not yet a widespread concept.

1993 saw the first clickable banner ad go live, marking the beginning of the transition to digital marketing, along with many other new technologies within the digital marketplace. Later on in the year, Yahoo was launched receiving almost 1million hits during its first year.

The years following from this prompted businesses to optimize their websites to gain higher search engine rankings and with that came the launch of yet more search engines and tools.

The birth of Google came in 1998, along with the launch of MSN by Microsoft, as well as Yahoo web search. In the following years, all smaller search engines were either left behind or wiped out due to a lack of space for the search engine giants.

The world of digital marketing saw its first major surge in 2006 when a reported growth of around 6.4 billion in search engine traffic came about in just one month.

Opportunity for search engines was rising, prompting google to expand and introduce new products – AdWords and AdSense. AdWords are three line words that show at the top or the right of search engine results, AdSense is a cost-per-click advertising scheme. Google had realised the value of being able to analyse content received and target ads based on interests of users, which hence became a major concept in the business world.

The ability for users to become more involved and active participants, came with the reveal of web 2.0. This massively increased information flow volumes, manifold and brought in a huge amount of revenue for the digital marketing and advertising industry.

The cookie was then developed, to gain information about users which could then be utilised to target specific ads towards them, based on a variety of information such as previous searches and location.

The digital world is forever evolving and changing as technology only becomes more advanced. Statistics show that 99% of digital marketers use Facebook for marketing purposes, and 97% use Twitter. Budgets for advertising, particularly digital have been consistently growing within business in the past few years, as the need for local online advertising continues to expand and companies realise how critical it is to have active social media accounts and be monitoring user traffic and searches for your website or similar products.


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5 Tips for Online Marketing

Marketing is a time consuming and often tricky aspect of running a business- particularly for small businesses and start-ups.

For this reason, here at SeeLocal, we have put together a few tips on how to get the most out of your marketing and how we can help you to do so.

  • Be present online- Just because your product is not sold online, does not mean that a strong online presence is irrelevant to you. People are spending more and more time online now, so the place you want your business and products to be appearing is exactly there. It’s vital that you give your target audience the opportunity to learn about your products and business, and that is one place where SeeLocal can help. We specialise in reaching specific, highly targeted audiences through bespoke display ads across a series of large online networks to audiences in targeted postcodes and locations.
  • Engage with your local community online- Social media is no doubt the best and most effective way to communicate to potential customers and promote your business. Getting involved with the online community by using hashtags and keeping up with trends, displaying what locals are talking about and engaging in is highly important when it comes to online activity. Potential customers often make decisions based on how engaging and active a company is on social media, so it’s vital that you are making the effort to engage as much as possible.
  • Be Creative- Try and come up with different ways of communicating your message. Plan your posts for the month to get a view of what you’ll be posting and how often. Come up with competitions, weekly posts and questions to keep your followers engaged and interested.
  • Encourage and push for online reviews- Ask your satisfied customers to leave reviews online; these are a great way of gaining more brand awareness. It is often only the unsatisfied customers that feel the need to leave reviews, change this by asking your customers to leave an honest review of how you did- you can then use what they say in social posts on your website to promote your service. People want to know that businesses leave customers satisfied, and makes them more likely to try the business for themselves through trust that they can deliver.
  • Don’t neglect your marketing offline- although digital marketing is growing more and more popular, offline marketing can complement your online campaigns. Although they are more time consuming and less cost effective ways of gaining awareness, often people will find out about a business offline, leading to a google or social media search. However you choose to market offline, ensure you include your social media handles for people to then follow you, perhaps incorporate a hashtag to create an online buzz encouraging potential customers to then move online and become involved.

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What is digital marketing?

Marketing in a general sense, has and always will be about connecting with your target audience, finding them in the right place at the right time. However, the way marketing works now compared to a decade ago, means that the more traditional means of getting a product or service out there are no longer as effective as they used to be.

With people now spending twice as much of their time online as opposed to ten years ago, the way people shop and spend their money has significantly changed. Offline marketing simply doesn’t appeal to as many people anymore, not like it has done in previous years and has lost its effect on consumers. Potential customers are now being targeted online more than ever, because it’s where most people spend a large amount of their time, and is easily accessible and much more sophisticated in terms of targeting specific audiences. Digital marketing has never been more target specific, and the sophistication of the technology within the industry is only getting stronger, so the future for digital marketing is bright.

The term digital marketing, refers to the tools used in order to reach more specific target audiences through data analysis. Digital channels such as google search, social media channels, email and company websites can all be utilised to reach specific markets.

Digital marketing tends to be on a larger scale, helping businesses to broaden their brand awareness as much as they can through social posts, email advertisements  and search engine optimisation to gain as many impressions, or views, from potential new customers as possible. SeeLocal works slightly differently, in that it focuses on smaller markets in the business’ local area. With the importance of online presence growing more and more, getting your brand seen online by relevant, local audiences is crucial to success and SeeLocal understand this more than anyone.

If you are interested in transforming the way your business is seen online, contact us today- we’ll be happy to help.