How to Generate Momentum for Your Event

There’s a great deal of stress involved in setting up an event. Besides the hassle of arranging the event, preparing the locations, and organising ticket sales, there’s the fear that you’ll go through all the trouble and find an empty audience at the end of it all. SeeLocal understands your worries, and we’re committed to helping your event be as successful as it can possibly be through local online display advertising, ensuring that the local community is aware of your event and will be showing up to take part. We have experience dealing with advertising events, such as the Horrible Histories stage event for Magnet Leisure Centre, and we can guarantee results.

The focus of the Horrible Histories campaign was to generate Brand Awareness, ensuring that the audience would see the adverts and come to the event. With SeeLocal, you can choose yourself what the goal from your campaign should be, whether it’s to generate brand awareness, sales, clicks, sign-ups, or anything you want, and we will design a campaign based around this at the best cost for you. SeeLocal works with you to ensure that you achieve your goal, no matter what that goal is.

SeeLocal’s sophisticated platform allows us a greater level of audience targeting than other digital marketing firms. We can target audiences based on a huge variety of factors, such as location, age, interests, and more. For Horrible Histories, we made sure to target parents looking for a day out with their kids, and had shown an interest in children’s literature and books, and Horrible Histories in particular. We also use Radius Targeting to ensure only people in the local area are being targeted with adverts, meaning the ads were showing only to a radius around Magnet Leisure Centre and impressions weren’t being wasted on an audience that was too far away to come to the event.

Our expert advert designers provided detailed and relevant ads for the campaign, using artwork provided by Horrible Histories themselves to create a set of appealing images that included a clear call-to-action and relevant information all at once. SeeLocal uses relevant images from the clients themselves or we can find the images on our end to create ads that appeal to our target audience and result in the highest click-through rate. We make sure to customise the ads to fit the required sizes so we are able to fit the ads onto any website placement on the Display Network.

The campaign generated over 70’000 ad impressions across the target area, resulting in over 500 clicks. By targeting a relevant and local audience, we made sure that the Horrible Histories event was a total success, and we have continuously been hired by Magnet Leisure Centre to promote their events following our success. As experts in paid media advertisement, we can ensure that your event sees the same success as theirs. Contact us today for more information on how we can make your event the most successful that it can be.

Mobile vs Desktop – Shaping the Digital Future

There is a wave of new tech reaching the market all the time. With new phones, tablets, and gadgets coming out so often, people have more ways than ever to access the internet on the go. As a result, we have seen a huge change in local online advertising as more methods to advertise and reach customers that have sprung up. Older methods change and adapt, and now advertisers are realising how important the mobile demographic really is. Specifically, they’re noticing how important young people using these mobile networks are.

Generation Y, Millennials, whatever you know them as, they’re one of the most important audiences you can appeal to in the modern age of advertising. This is why SeeLocal has worked to not only excel in desktop advertising, but to make gains in the increasingly important mobile market.

The Importance of Young People and Mobile Advertising.

There are multiple benefits to appealing to a younger audience. They have a much wider access to social media, meaning a popular company can benefit from a very healthy online social media presence. They’re known early adopters, often being the first of your audience to take up new offers and products. They can be reached through a far wider range of networks than most audiences who stay to the same few. In terms of a target audience, developing a loyal following of younger customers can be a huge boost to your business. How to generate that audience is another matter entirely. The main thing to remember is that younger audiences aren’t all hanging around on the usual desktops anymore. They’re on their mobiles, and they’re spending money on them.

Make no mistake, mobile advertising is the future. If you aren’t reaching out to this market, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. SeeLocal has seen how important young audiences and mobile advertising is and we have reached out to appeal to these audiences using new mobile optimised ad techniques.

Desktop advertising revenue is flattening out while mobile revenue is exploding,  Desktop growth saw a growth of roughly 5% in 2015, while mobile growth increased by 66%. With consumers now spending 25% of their time on mobile, in comparison to 22% on desktop, this number looks ready to go even higher. This is why SeeLocal ensures that all our campaigns are mobile-optimised to reach this valuable audience. Our adverts and landing pages are designed to work with mobile devices and deliver ads to this fast-growing market.

Google and Facebook have taken a strong lead above all other ad networks. With Facebook being worth roughly $10 billion in advertising and Google a whopping $30 billion, they are the certain leaders in local internet marketing. SeeLocal focuses their efforts on Facebook and Google marketing in order to take advantage of their high growth and performance, reaching the largest possible audience while doing so. That said, other networks such as Instagram and Linkedin are also generating growing numbers on mobile devices, and SeeLocal is able to run ads and campaigns on these growing networks as well.

One key issue facing both desktop and mobile marketing is the increasing use of ad blockers. The recent boom in local online advertising has not gone unnoticed, and 92% of 3’200 internet users claimed they would consider using an ad blocker. This is why it’s vital to make sure that your online adverts aren’t irritating or distracting consumers. Making adverts that fit the layout and don’t annoy the customer is a difficult act, but it’s one SeeLocal has mastered, generating high quality native ads that fit whatever placement they’re on to ensure that audiences aren’t put off by them while browsing.

Which is more important?

While desktop advertising is still an important part of any online marketing campaign, it’s growth has reached a peak and is not pushing much further past it. Mobile advertising is more recent and has shown far greater growth. Even now there’s time to jump into this fast-growing trend and enjoy the benefits of mobile advertising.

Contact us today and let us help you make the perfect mobile advertising campaign for your business.

How SeeLocal Can Improve Your E-Commerce.

What is E-commerce?

There are a huge variety of businesses that use local digital marketing to improve their results, whatever those results may be. From sign-ups to downloads to brand awareness, companies are using local display advertising to reach their best audience through the help of digital marketing firms such as SeeLocal. E-commerce is also benefitting hugely from local advertising, and SeeLocal has great experience working in exactly this field.

E-commerce, simply put, is the name for commercial transactions being conducted over the internet. Unlike the aforementioned examples, e-commerce is about selling a physical item or product. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities and the issues that come with them, so it’s important that you have an expert team like SeeLocal to help you, ensuring you get the greatest results and the highest return on your investment. SeeLocal has worked with several e-commerce businesses, such as Isle of Wight Flowers, and can be trusted to handle all your local advertising online.

Generating Brand Awareness and Leads.

Isle of Wight Flowers wanted a short SeeLocal campaign to boost extra sales for Valentine’s Day. It is common for e-commerce campaigns to have a set deadline as digital marketing can be a huge boost to sales in the run up to a large event or sale. SeeLocal quickly set up a series of display adverts showing their range of flowers and promoting Valentine’s Day. With an engaging design, the ads catch the customers eye quickly, and the promotion of the deadline pushes them to make a purchase before they forget. We created the adverts in a variety of different sizes to ensure they could fit on the largest number of websites possible, and we used a variety of different ad platforms and networks to reach the widest possible audience.

Sophisticated Targeting and Remarketing.

We targeted multiple ad networks and devices to reach the widest possible audience, all the while only targeting people who had shown an interest in floristry or Valentine’s gifts. Isle of Wight Flowers offers a delivery service, meaning we could target as wide a range as they were willing to deliver, and we used local targeting to reach a relevant audience based only in a location that they could reach and sell to.

SeeLocal also used Remarketing to target customers who had already been on the Isle of Wight Flowers website before, meaning they were targeting a more relevant audience that had already shown an interest in the business before. This also worked to remind previous customers of an incredibly important day without them actively searching for it. It’s likely that customers will make a snap conversion if they are reminded of a deadline and you are offering them a solution.

Can SeeLocal help my business?

This is only one example of how SeeLocal can help your e-commerce business. Whatever you’re selling, from small gifts and goods to huge investments and projects, SeeLocal has a strategy to reach your perfect audience and generate a return on your investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help get you the customers you need today.

Native Ads: How to make your ads look like the publisher.


What is Native Advertising?

Native adverts are ads that look like whatever platform they’re being advertised on. There are many different ways to show off adverts, and you have to make sure that your advert doesn’t look out of place when it’s being shown. For example, a native ad published on Facebook would look like a regular Facebook advert on the news feed, while a native ad on Twitter looks like a regular tweet. When doing local internet advertising, native ads have to seamlessly meld into their environment and not appear jarring or disruptive.

Since native ads are placed on third-party sites, they also have to be contextually relevant and be related to the website they’re on. This makes users more likely to interact with them than some regular banner ad that might have nothing at all to do with the website. According to an article by, consumers are 25% more likely to look at native ads over banner ads, and they are looked at with far more frequency.

How do I make Native Ads?

Creating native ads can be challenging as it requires editing your adverts to individually suit whatever platform they’re on. This is a process that SeeLocal can help you with as we manage and edit all our adverts to suit whatever platform they’re on. You need to be professional with native ads, as some customers can feel distrustful and wary with them. Ensuring your ad fits in seamlessly is key to the success of a native advert. Many platforms allow you to craft native ads quite easily through their own system, while others will require you to make edits yourself through researching the platform’s own adverts and designing yours to match them.

How does SeeLocal help me?

SeeLocal manages and creates adverts designed to fit perfectly with the website that they’re shown on. Our advert designers create adverts at the appropriate sizes with a mind on their design, ensuring they suit the ad network they run on. Our campaign managers set the ads up through social media and ad platforms to fit the style and design that is required. We also ensure that the adverts are targeted towards specific keywords and placements that are related to the advert itself, meaning that visitors to the site will only see SeeLocal adverts that appeal to them.

Our Remarketing adverts are also designed with native advertising in mind. They will show in appropriate locations on the site and will never be seen as out of place. We run locally based adverts on lots of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and they all are designed to fit in. In terms on content, design, size, relevancy and location, SeeLocal will ensure that your adverts are suiting their publisher and are gathering you the highest return on your investment.

To Learn more about how our local online display advertising platform can benefit you contact us today.