How Local Online Advertising Can Help Generate New Gym Memberships.

Creating interest in gyms seems like a simple job, but there are a lot of factors that you may not consider that will make all the difference. Customers looking for a gym membership are usually willing to take their time and shop around for the best offer, so you need to stand out from the competition and appeal directly to your target audience. SeeLocal has had great success advertising online with gyms and leisure centres, such as Parkwood Leisure Centres, and we can use that expertise to generate great results. Here are some of the methods SeeLocal has used before to generate the best results for gyms all over the country.

Specially Designed Display Adverts and Unique Landing Pages.

For Parkwood Leisure Centre, we created a selection of display adverts that replicated their offline marketing artwork, and designed optimised landing pages for the interested customers to go to. By creating appealing banner ads that clearly showed the offers and key points, customers are drawn to the adverts quickly. When they land on our specially designed and unique landing page, they get a brief and detailed summary of the campaign, and have access to a short sign-up form on the page. The whole process takes only a minute or two, and this convenience and detail means a lot of interested customers are willing to sign up just because of how easy it is to do so.

Sophisticated Local Targeting and Remarketing.

Gym adverts are only of interest to a very specific type of audience. SeeLocal is focused on local online advertising, and uses detailed targeting and keywords to only reach nearby customers who would be interested in signing up to a gym. By focusing on health and fitness keywords, and focusing our ad campaigns locally based on the postcode of the gym itself, we can reach a close audience that is searching for gym related words. This highly increases the click-through rate of the adverts and the chance that the customer will make a conversion. We also create a special Remarketing campaign that directs adverts to people who clicked on the advert before, but left before signing up. The fact that they clicked on the ad in the first place shows they had some interest in the campaign, so directing ads towards them increases the likelihood that they might return and make the conversion.

Adverts on Multiple Platforms.

SeeLocal runs ad campaigns on various different platforms to increase the range of potential customers and the methods that we can get ads across. For example, we run adverts on Google AdWords so that our ads appear in websites on the Google Display Network. We also run adverts on Facebook and Instagram to attract customers browsing social media. We have more detailed methods to reach our target audience, such as Gmail adverts to reach customers browsing their email folder, and Custom Audience lists that can show ads to a specific list of email addresses to ensure we reach your target audience.  SeeLocal has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and we know the best way to reach the best audience, generating huge interest and great results.

If you would like any further information on how SeeLocal can help your health and fitness centre, contact us today.

The Ad Revenue Giants

Both Google and Facebook have managed to attract one-fifth of global ad spend last year, this is almost double the figure of five years ago. In recent years, online advertising has surpassed television adverts as the world’s leading ad medium.

Google is by far the world’s largest advertising platform; it has generated around £61 billion in ad revenue during 2016. This is three times more than then the second largest, Facebook. During 2016, Facebook reportedly generated just over £20 billion. Together combined, the two organisations account for almost 20% of global online advertising spend for 2016, this is up from 16.3% in 2015.

Currently, digital platforms dominate the top 30 ranked for ad revenue generated. As well as Google and Facebook, there are 5 other digital marketing platforms in the rankings, these include Baidu, Microsoft, Yahoo, Verizon and Twitter. In total, the 7 digital platforms generated ad revenue that amounted to around £120 billion in 2016, this accounts for almost one quarter of total ad spend.

Online advertising is a vast market that many companies in a variety of industries hope to tap into. It is important for any marketing campaign to have high visibility, this is so it can reach the relevant audiences online to help maximise your brand. This is where SeeLocal come in, a local online advertising platform that allows you to select where your display ads are published and specify where and who your adverts are displayed to thanks to our advertising technology solution that allows you to select the location and demographic of your target audience. Our digital marketing platform is quick and easy to use, allows for professionally designed and unique landing pages, our campaign guard technology protects your budget and we also offer clear real time reporting.

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Augmented Reality Display Ads: The Future of Display Advertising?

With the rapid growth of the display advertising industry, the fight to create innovative, click-worthy banner ads is on. Advertisers and marketing agencies are always looking to find ways to make their ads stand out from the crowd and as the space becomes more crowded, new ad formats are arising.

For brands with big marketing budgets, rich media ads are already popular. Whilst the dynamic ads may look impressive with exciting animations, they have a lower engagement rate than standard, static ads. According to results collected by Google in 2015, static ads had a 71% higher click-through rate than HTML5/Flash ads.

Despite this, rich media ads show no sign of slowing and developers are already creating new ways to produce dynamic ads that engage with users. Blippar, a mobile augmented reality developer is leading the way with ARDP (Augmented Reality Digital Placement), a new rich media ad format that enables augmented reality experiences, without a dedicated app.

ARDP delivers content to smartphone and desktop cameras when users click or tap digital banners with the embedded format. The ad format is compatible with Android browsers on camera-equipped devices, as well as Chrome browsers on desktops, the company is still currently working on integrating iOS support.

By expanding the capabilities of image recognition beyond the use of an app, Blippar have shaped the opportunity for advertisers to create ads that truly interact with the user. At a recent news release, Chief Operating Officer, Danny Lopez said “The app-agnostic nature of ARDP technology allows agencies and brands across all verticals to take advantage of the power of AR to build rich media experiences at scale and spur deeper consumer engagement”.

Blippar do not currently offer ARDP via their self-service portals, though they plan to in the foreseeable future. Until then, we will wait to measure the success of augmented reality ads; will they be the future of display advertising, or will static display ads continue to dominate? The combination of strong, conversion tested design, relevant imagery and appealing ad copy may sound simple, but is surprisingly hard to achieve. SeeLocal are experts at creating effective, display ads that generate high user engagement and click through rates. For more information, contact us today.

The Rewards of Choosing Your Publisher

One of the major benefits to digital marketing is the sheer number of people you can reach compared to other forms of advertising. For larger companies, it’s not uncommon to see numerous of ads appearing on countless websites. The size of the audience you can reach is massive, and many companies rely on automated tools to place their adverts across the internet, ensuring they reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately, allowing a tool to choose where your advert is placed can backfire on you. Recent news has been filled with screenshots of big name companies and brands proudly advertising next to inappropriate or offensive content. In some cases, it may seem that the company is willingly advertising to the people who this controversial content appeals to, but in reality it’s due to a badly optimised automatic system, one that is designed to reach as many websites as possible while not filtering out those that advertisers wouldn’t want their business associated with.

JP Morgan Chase were recently caught in this, with their adverts showing on offensive YouTube videos or propaganda sites. In response, they cut and filtered the number of websites they allowed their ads to be seen on from over 400’000 to roughly 5’000 pre-determined websites, a process that is known as Whitelisting. A huge cut like this, you would assume, would massively decrease the traffic these ads generate, but in reality it had very little effect. “Of the 400,000 web addresses JP Morgan’s ads showed up on in a recent 30-day period, only 12,000, or 3 percent, led to activity beyond an impression.” said Ms. Lemkau of JP Morgan.

This proves what many advertisers have been coming to realise lately. The quality of your adverts isn’t based on the sheer number of people it reaches. It’s about how many people you reach that have an actual interest in your business. Relying on an automated system to choose where your adverts are placed not only increases the risk of appearing on unrelated or offensive websites, but ultimately won’t increase your profits anyway. This is one of the reasons for the increasing success of local online marketing. Focusing on a localised and relevant audience will gather stronger results than targeting as many people as possible.

SeeLocal is a local advertising platform that uses audience targeting to reach only relevant customers. Our unique Campaign Guard system automatically reviews your campaigns click-through and conversion rates to ensure your campaign performs efficiently and effectively. We are also able to whitelist and blacklist certain websites. Unlike automated placement systems, we can react and respond to any situation, and we target local audiences with relevant keywords and demographics to ensure your advert impressions will not go to waste. For more information contact us today.