The Importance of Testing Adverts On Your Digital Marketing Campaign

How do you test ads?

As you would imagine, the adverts are the most crucial part of your advertising campaign. This is what your audience is going to see and will determine whether you’re going to be making a conversion. A boring advert will not gather any clicks, and an unrelated advert will gather clicks without generating conversions. As such, it’s very important to experiment with adverts. Changing your ads is vital to finding the sweet spot where you’re attracting clicks from an audience that will be interested in your product.

There are plenty of different ways to test and experiment with adverts. You’ll find that certain methods work in some places and not in others, and eventually, after a series of trial and error, you’ll find the most successful advert you can for your online campaign. When you’re looking to test multiple ads, here are some of the possible ways to do so:

Ad Format

The ad format you choose is a big factor in determining your audience. The format of your advert determines where your adverts will be shown and how your audience experiences them. There are the basic Text ads that show up alongside search engine results, and Image ads that show up in related webpages, but there are also other formats that you can use to draw attention. Shopping adverts show up on the Google Shopping Network and can be very useful for selling a wide range of products. Video ads are an interactive way to draw the eye of an audience while they’re focused on the screen watching a YouTube video. Call-only ads are great for mobile users who are looking for a quick way to contact someone. Depending on what you’re advertising, a different format will work better than others.

Ad Copy

Changing the ad text can have a big effect on conversions. This should contain the most vital information that can be put in such a small space in order to convey it to the customer as quickly as possible. Your best choice is to find the unique selling point of what you’re offering and state that in the ad copy. If your product is cheap, then put the price in the ad copy. If you offer free delivery, then add that. Don’t just describe what your product does or what your business is, offer the customer something unique and enticing that will convince them to click in the momentary second that they’re looking at your ad.

Ad Location

Sometimes an advertiser can spread themselves too thin when reaching an audience, or not reach out far enough. Experimenting with where your ad is being shown can have an impact on its effectiveness. For some businesses, this can mean spreading out to a wider radius or targeting new locations. For some digital companies, this can be targeting entirely new countries to reach a more interested audience. The opposite also holds true. You may find that some countries or locations are seeing your advert who can’t benefit from it. In this case, you can try excluding those locations entirely to see if it reduces the number of unconverted clicks you’re acquiring.

Ad Extensions

These are a vital part of your ad campaign that often goes ignored. If you haven’t added any ad extensions at all, this is the first thing you should change. Relevant and high quality ad extensions are not only useful for acquiring clicks, but they can improve your ad rank and raise your position on the Search Network. Experimenting with ad extensions may improve the relevancy of your promotional campaign. You can link them to different parts of your website, add more varied types of extension, and offer phone numbers for interested customers to contact your business directly.

Ad Keywords

Your keywords can be changed in a variety of ways. The most basic method is to change how much you bid on your keywords. Sometimes matching the recommended budget isn’t necessary for a campaign, and can raise your budget beyond what you should be spending. Finding the best budget for your keywords can increase your Clickthrough Rate and save you money. You can also change the modifier of your keywords. Changing your keyword modifier will affect what searches it shows up for. You want to ensure that only people interested in what you’re offering will see your advert, and changing the modifier to make it more targeted or exact will help you. You can also exclude keywords entirely if they are generating a large number of impressions without any relevant clicks or conversions.

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