The Growing Benefits of Online Advertising.

Why you should be focusing on your online presence more in 2017.

2016 is drawing to a close, with only one month left in the year. Of course, that month does include Christmas, which may well be one of your most hectic events of the year, so you may still be hoping the year ends even sooner. Business owners should be sorting out their budget for 2017 and planning ahead. As you plan your budget, it’s worth considering what would be most beneficial to spend your money on. In the competitive and crowded world of business today, you would do well to take advantage of a growing market and focusing more on online advertising.

More and more businesses are devoting their budget to online advertising, and CMO Surveys show that the expenditure on digital marketing is increasing over time compared to regular advertising. Many businesses are focusing on channels such as social media or online adverts, and this isn’t an industry that you can afford to fall behind in. You stand to make a higher return on your investment due to Search Engine Optimisation, the ability to focus your ads on consumers who are searching the internet specifically for products your business can supply. You’re also able to focus your ads on certain locations, ensuring that customers near your business will be the ones to see your ads the most.

More benefits for a lower cost.

If you’re concerned for your budget, remember that online advertising is very different from regular advertising. According to reports, online advertising can help you reach as many consumers as you would in traditional channels for a much lower cost. With more consumers spending time online, a social media platform or online ad campaign can reach more people in a wider range than regular advertising can, and the ability to share your adverts online ensures that your own customers can spread your adverts around for you. Local online advertising can also focus on customers who used your services before, tempting them to come back for more of your business with targeted ads.

Greater control and tracking.

Digital marketing also offers a level of control that regular advertising can’t by letting you track stats and metrics yourself, and by letting you breakdown your consumer base by age, gender, or any factor, to see who your most profitable audience is. If you choose Seelocal to help run your campaign, you can still track and measure the various metrics yourself. You can watch your campaign run in real time, seeing which adverts gained the most interest and what keywords relating to your business people are searching for the most.

2017 is the perfect time to start focusing more on online advertising. It doesn’t take long for your adverts to start spreading, and a greater online presence helps create a stronger brand with more loyal consumers. Good publicity spreads fast online, and you’ll find that money spent on your online presence today will be paid back several times over in the long run.

How can Seelocal help you?

When deciding on how to proceed with increasing your online presence, Seelocal can help you. Since digital marketing is becoming more important, many businesses have realised that having professionals handle your ad campaign gives you all the benefits that online advertising offers without having to spend the time on it yourself. We can help create focused ad campaigns, plan when and where to run them, research the most profitable keywords, plan your advertising budget most efficiently, and generate more profit for less cost. If you’re just starting to get into online advertising, Seelocal is the best way to get the most out of it.

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What makes an effective Landing Page?

What is a landing page?

A stand-alone web page, typically created as a specific destination for people to click through to when interested in the message of an online banner ad.

Anyone clicking on a banner ad will arrive at or “land” on a landing page – often bespoke-designed for a particular purpose – e.g. to capture potential customer contact details – in exchange for alimited time promo offer, or, by providing tempting information about a product or service.

It’s well worth creating a dedicated landing page rather than sending potential customers straight through to your existing website. Visitors are less likely to navigate away (before providing contact details) to view other web pages, and you can ensure the most relevant information is the first thing the visitor sees. The landing page should be designed to reflect the style of your brand to ensure a seamless experience. In turn, you can add a link from the landing page to your website.Landing Page

When to use a landing page?

 It’s often an invaluable element in maximising effectiveness from an online ad campaign. For example, if you sell multiple products or set up promotional offers for different customer groups – creating a different landing page for each audience is likely to drive increased engagement.


Why create a dedicated landing page instead of using an existing web page?

Web pages are designed with a more general purpose in mind – to help potential customers find out basic information about your business. The homepage is typically loaded with links to other areas of your site – including products, services, pricing, contact details etc….and is not specifically set up to sync perfectly with an online ad campaign.

A dedicated landing page can be specifically designed to turn people interested by a banner ad message into potential customers by providing topline information, promo offers or opportunities to request more details. Visitors will decide whether they want to use your services or not quickly, so having an appealing landing page is key to keeping them from moving to a competitor. Plus you can still direct these people onto your website once you have their attention.


How to make a successful landing page?

 The most effective landing pages are generally very simple, including a hard to refuse offer.

Attractive headline

With 2-3 seconds to grab your customer’s attention, you have to make sure your headline is short, eye-catching and irresistible.

Capturing contact details

Always include a sign up form so potential customers are encouraged to provide contact details in exchange for your offer. Try to include a disclaimer to reassure potential customers they won’t receive spam or share their contact details with anyone else.


Add a brief description of the ‘promise’ or ‘reward’ they’ll receive in return for providing their email address or phone number – make it short & sweet. Bullet points work really well.

Images/ Videos

Use less text, more images. Adding a short video often works well. A study by eye view showed using video on landing pages can increase potential sales by 80%.


How can Seelocal help with your landing page?

Seelocal’s services include designing and creating a landing page for your advertisement campaign. The landing page will be fully responsive and will be optimised to work on any device. We’ll be able to monitor who visits your landing page and collect data via forms and tracking numbers to measure which ads are the most successful to which audience.


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