What exactly is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal Marketing is a term used to describe highly targeted marketing, based on a specific geographic area or location.

Hyperlocal = local community

‘Hyperlocal’ has become a very popular buzzword within the marketing industry over the past couple of years. This marketing technique, however, has been used in a variety of different forms for decades, often in the form of adverts in newspapers, magazines or local radio broadcasts.

Of course, local trading has been the foundation of markets for centuries. Think about trading before the internet, TV, radio or even print – traders relied solely on their local market and word of mouth to promote their business. SeeLocal allows advertisers to use the internet as the next step in this evolution and focus on appealing directly to the community around their business.



What are the benefits of hyperlocal advertising today?

Hyperlocal advertising can benefit companies of all sizes with all budgets; In this digital age, even many larger companies who want to gain global appeal and reach larger audiences have realised consumers are more likely to respond to localised messages.

Despite the rise of internet shopping, many consumers still have a need for local businesses and services. For many day to day needs and requirements, people still rely on hyperlocal marketing to know the companies and products in their area and this is where Seelocal comes in; to ensure that the community is seeing your business before others.

What does hyperlocal mean for online advertising for your business?

Google has now optimised its search results to favour hyperlocal – an undeniably crucial reason to ensure your business is included in these listings. Google now lists local search results above organic results. This is due to the huge increase in the popularity of the search terms ‘near me’, ‘nearby’ or ‘closest’ to a particular location. According to recent research by Ipsos Mori, 52% of customers look specifically for local business hours on search engines.

Thanks to Social Media and smartphones, most people are engaging in hyperlocal digital activities. Many consumers are increasingly comfortable providing their location details and receiving targeted online banner ads – preferring to see relevant ads in their timelines and newsfeeds. People are now ‘checking-in’ whenever they post an update, so their friends (and advertisers) know exactly where they are at any given time. This also improves the opportunity for local businesses to engage local audiences with relevant messages or promo offers to increase footfall into their store.

How can SeeLocal help with your hyperlocal advertising?

Our online advertising campaigns help you attract more customers and advertise promotions online in the postcodes and areas of your choice. By utilising this information, we will create a marketing campaign that will appeal to your target audience and generate sales and brand awareness within the local area. SeeLocal offers a simple and cost effective method of directly appealing to the people in your community.

If you want to find out more about creating a truly localized campaign with us, either schedule a demo here or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more!