Why’s that ad following me around the internet?

Because the company (showing the ads) are using ‘retargeting’ technology to track your online behaviour, that’s why.

Essentially, online savvy businesses know you have previously visited their website and are trying to entice you back via ‘retargeting’ with relevant display ads.

In fact, did you know that (on average) 98% of people will NOT buy anything during their first visit to a website?

SeeLocal’s online retargeting ads can help bring back previous visitors – encouraging them to buy, provide contact details or stimulate another response during their next visit. Alternatively, it can also be used to promote additional products to recent online customers.

Retargeting Ad

What are SeeLocal’s retargeting ads?

They will enable businesses to advertise to people who’ve visited their website on previous occasions – having made a purchase, interacted in another way or, most likely, left without taking any action. We can encourage them to return by creating engaging display ads and attractive unique landing page with tempting promotional messages. In turn, providing another opportunity to create a new customer relationship.

How does SeeLocal retargeting work?

When you create a retargeting campaign with SeeLocal, you don’t need to worry about adding tracking codes or remarketing tags to your website. We will create and drive traffic to a fully optimised and unique landing page – in turn, enabling us to track and report all actions.

Once visitors leave your website, an anonymous cookie will automatically track and follow them browsing the internet. Adverts such as banner ads can be placed on sites that they subsequently visit as a reminder to return to the desired site in order to stimulate some form of interaction.

For which businesses will SeeLocal retargeting work?

Quite simply; it will work for businesses of all shapes & sizes -independent, local, national, large, small, medium, B2C or B2B; all can utilise the full power of the internet by activating a retargeting campaign as a reminder to previous website visitors.

The best performing retargeting creative is likely to include a strong promotional offer or response mechanism (i.e. call-to-action) – eg: subscribe, buy, request more info etc. We will also design and create the ads for all SeeLocal campaigns.

Retargeting marketing campaign is valuable on various levels: often by helping to convert visitors into interested or actual customers, but also by shifting first-time purchasers into regular customers or brand advocates.

Inevitably, retargeting display ads are a very good customer conversion tool … less so for driving significant traffic.

Don’t forget – previous visitors to your website have already shown interest in your business. They are by definition lower hanging fruit than other potential customers. Retargeting them is a MUST.

Over to you!

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How does retargeting work at SeeLocal?

Online retargeting can be a really powerful tool to help increase conversions but a lot of business owners don’t seem to know exactly what it is, how it’s different from other online marketing options or whether it would work for their business.




For more information on SeeLocal retargeting, visit our blog Why’s that ad following me around the internet? Or contact us today.

10 benefits of using SeeLocal to help your business grow

Our mission is to transform the way in which businesses use online advertising to engage with local audiences. We’ve developed an innovative technology platform, designed to transform digital advertising in local areas, and make advertising online more accessible & affordable to smaller businesses.

So, here’s 10 reasons you should be using SeeLocal to manage your online advertising campaigns, to make sure your business is reaching its full online potential:

1) Simple & quick set up

Setting up digital advertising campaigns can be extremely time consuming. They’re invariably difficult to set up and involve a lot of effort when you have to log in to multiple platforms to manage separate campaigns. Registering your business on our platform & setting your specific parameters (campaign objectives, customer demographics, customer interests, timings, budgets etc.) will only take you 10 minutes, and we’ll do all the hard work to ensure your campaign(s) run smoothly.


SeeLocal Setup


2) User-friendly interface

Our website, setup process & campaign dashboards have been meticulously designed and developed with you in mind. Easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the whole process once you have registered your business, and a member of the team is only ever a phone call or email away to help you with any concerns you may have.

3) Bespoke digital assets for your business

Using the information from your campaign setup, our in-house designers will create bespoke banner ads, copy & dedicated landing or web pages for your business.

4) All your online advertising tools in one place

Your ads will be distributed across & via:

  • Social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Audience relevant news, community & special interest websites
  • Mobile sites
  • Cross-device targeting
  • Retargeting technology

5) Accessible ad networks

Your campaign will run cross-device across our exclusive digital ad network – including the most relevant social media, web & mobile sites to reach your target audience. This enables you to connect with prominent publisher brands & larger publishers with deep reach into local markets. This also offers small businesses an opportunity to have their advertising messages appear adjacent to well-known publishers’ premium content.




6) Advanced targeting & retargeting technology

Our platform includes bespoke features to optimise targeting, protect ad budgets & enable exclusive partnerships. We also use advanced retargeting technology, to show your ads to people who have already shown interest in your brand, been on your website and not converted or previously interacted with your brand.

7) Continuous customer tracking & reporting

You don’t need to worry about adding tracking codes & remarketing tags to your website, our bespoke landing pages will track your customer’s online movements.

8) Fully optimised campaigns

If we see your campaign is not performing at its optimal level, we will pause, review and make revisions to ensure an effective return on your investment.

9) Personalised dashboards

Your campaign dashboard will keep you updated with all your campaign details e.g. top performing websites & ad formats, number of ads shown, number of clicks through to your landing or web pages and your campaign ROI.




10) Budget protection

Unlike most advertising platforms, we will not waste your budget. Our Campaign Guard technology will help maximize the potential to achieve your set objectives and guarantee a positive ROI.


What is SeeLocal’s self-serve campaign creation platform?

Many small businesses often struggle with online marketing due to the complexity, choice and the skills required to use it effectively – or even at all. Chances are, especially if you own (or run the marketing for) a small to medium-sized business, you’re likely to have found it challenging working out how to make effective use of digital marketing and advertising. There’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Small businesses don’t care about Google Analytics traffic charts, or discussing the pros and cons of Responsive Web Design. We, in the technology business, created this whole online marketing nightmare for them and they just want someone to fix it for them.”

Randy Parker, CEO of PagePart (hyperlocal digital marketing agency).

That said, a growing number of businesses in local areas also recognise it has the potential to deliver unrivalled opportunities to attract, engage and build their own customer base. The stark facts, in today’s digital and data centric world, are indisputable. To survive and thrive, small businesses will need to get much better at using digital marketing and advertising to create competitive advantage.

And this is where SeeLocal’s self-serve campaign creation platform can have a vital role in helping you to easily and successfully run and manage online display campaigns.

So, what exactly is SeeLocal’s self-serve digital advertising platform?

Essentially, it’s an online platform designed to help businesses, agencies or individuals manage digital advertising campaigns more efficiently.

Our innovative technology solution is specifically designed to make it extremely simple and affordable to develop and run effective digital ad campaigns for businesses looking to engage with local audiences.

All you need to do is register your business on our platform, login and define your audience, location and campaign objectives for your digital ad campaign.

We offer a number of ways to help you create bespoke banner ad messages and dedicated landing or web pages. We will then distribute the campaign across our exclusive digital ad network – via relevant social media, web and mobile sites.

Our advanced retargeting and optimisation techniques will ensure your ads are displayed to your chosen target audiences in specific postcodes, at relevant times of day. Via the platform login, you’ll have access to your own tailored dashboard to review campaign data and reports, creative assets, example ads in situ etc., PLUS we’ll send you automated emails keeping you updated on your campaign performance.

Read more about the benefits of using SeeLocal’s self-serve campaign creation platform.